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Video images of 16 cctv cameras connect to fiber optic network

Video images of 16 cctv cameras connect to fiber optic network

1U rack mount 16 port Fiber Converter video/media

1U rack mount 16 port Fiber Converter video/media

Video and data/control of 16 cameras with single/multimode fiber optic cable

Video and data/control of 16 cameras with single/multi mode fiber optic cable.
Equipped with 16 bnc connectors and 1 ST fiber optic connection.
Is delivered per set, with transmitter and receiver share.
This is a mini/micro fiber optic converter set, as an option, this also available in 1U rack mount design.

€413.22 Excl. BTW
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This fibre optic converter module set is ready for video and also dates to send information via a fiber optic network.
Single or multimode fiber optic cable makes no difference, for our top quality fiber optic converters!
Our fiber optic converters working directly on the very best level without potentiometers and dipswitch settings

Features fiber optic converter for 16 cctv security camera video and data
- 8-bit or 10-bit digitally encoded and non-compression video transmission
- Directly compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM CCTV camera systems and support for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 data protocols
- Voltage transfer and other parameters directly visible via the leds
- No damage to the transferred video signals
- Special ASIC design
- Industry rate for operating temperature from-10 ° c to 75 ° c, which is applied to the different work environments
- Hot swappable design
- Stand-alone installation or installed in 19-inch 2U or 4U rack-mount chassis

- City traffic camera monitoring system
- Police and safe city monitoring system
- High way of security and toll station system
- Building and campus security camera monitoring
- Industrial supervision (airport, chemical factory, steel, oil, railways, irrigation works, mine etc..)
- Power plants, oil fields and even television broadcasting stations
- Universities for live video and audio/data transmission

This CCTV Video fiber optic Converter is meant, to Video signals and Data data (for example, PTZ control) to transport!
This is a 16 channel Converter, to your security camera images and Data signals to transport via fiber optic cable!
You can use this Video surveillance fiberglass Converter for example, 16 Speeddome video image and RS-485 control to transport via fiber optic cable.
This is suitable for long distances, because fibre optic transmission has no data loss!
We have not only a 16 channel Video fiber optic and Data Converter, but also in 1, 2, 8, 16, 24 and 32 channels.
A 16 channel Video fiber optic Converter, you can for example use for a company where 16 surveillance cameras with control near hang.
Add RG59 coaxial cable from an analog security camera to our, SST Video fiber optic Converter and enjoy Professional Surveillance picture and control via your fiber optic network!

SST Video fiber optic Converters come with a Transmitter & Receiver!
- Digitally encoded Video transmission 
- RS-485 
- Video signal/noise ratio is equal to, or greater than 71dB 
- Built-in shortcut viaduct for video transmission request/application
- NTSC, PAL, and SECAM, automatic configuration
- Over 80 km transmission distance
- Increases the operating speed of an optical Relay 
- Immune to Electromagnetic and Radio frequency fields 
- Our SST Video interface is secured for lightning strike 
- Super Optical dynamic range, to industry standards 
- High reliability short circuit protection with auto reset fuse 
- Our SST Video fiber optic Interface makes use of "Digital Encryption "

More Information
Brand SST
Warranty 3 year
BNC inputs 16 bnc inputs
RJ45 inputs No
Features Mini converter, Video, Data


(Size: 352.5 KB)
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