Build your own CCTV security system

For companies that wish to purchase a surveillance camera system, but do not know where to start, we have created an action plan.
Our website is organized in a logical sequence.

Category analog surveillance:
This category contains all our analog surveillance systems.
On the right you see an easy search filter, use this!
What you need to know first is that all analog products are equipped with a BNC connector.
Since the beginning of CCTV technique, analog systems have been used.
If you want to log in and view images on the internet, you will need a DVR with internet connection.
If you buy a product from the category ‘’analog’’, then the other product must be from the same category.

Before you proceed to buy a security camera system, it is important to answer the following question for yourself.
* You want to detect or recognize people?
* For general control?
* Do you want to look at a global level?
* Ability to operate a surveillance camera (PTZ, left, right, up, down, zoom in and out).
* Think of the future, do you easily want to expand because you get multiple stores?
* Very important is the placement of a surveillance camera. You can’t put a surveillance camera at any location, take into account lighting and sunshine.
*Do you want day and night vision, with or without infrared (840nm), remember that if you use infrared, this can be a disadvantage for pets! (Advice is digital day / night technology).
* What type of lens do you need (angle and size), it is important to get an object good into view, crucial in projects.
* For our customers, we calculate ourselves the type of lens you need, we have special software at our disposal.

Step 1 Choose security camera:
Choose an indoor, outdoor, body, speed dome or hidden security camera.
A surveillance camera with 420 TV lines, gives a less sharp image than 540 TV lines security camera.
With 700 TV lines in a security camera, you are assured of great quality and is often used for face recognition.
Tip: buy a security camera with varifocal lens, so that you can determine the distance for recognition (use our convenient search filter).
In the ‘’analog’’ category  you see on the right side a search filter, please use this it simplifies the search!
Consider infrared if you have pets, our 840nm infrared is visible to animals, use digital day / night if you have pets.

Step 2 Choose cable:
Choose your cable, you can use RG59 coaxial cable, ready for use or CAT5 cable.
Our readymade RG59 cable is supplied with BNC connector, so you don’t need to shrink it!
If you are going to use  a CAT5 cable, a balun is important.
We sell various baluns, only image transmission, image / voltage and audio.
Tip: Nowadays there are CCA CAT5 cables on the market, whatever you do, do not buy CCA cables for CCTV, that is a big mistake and your customer will not be pleased!

Step 3 Choose security monitor:
Once you determined the right cable lengths, it is time for a monitor.
You speak of CCTV if you have a surveillance camera, a cable and a monitor.
This is often used for live surveillance at a desk.
A monitor is useful if you want people to known, that video surveillance is present.
The monitoring device is then usually placed at the entrance.

Step 4 Choose recording:
Once you found a security camera of choice, you should wonder if you want a surveillance recorder for recording.  Recording is always useful to be able to view recorded images, when no live supervision is present. If you are using a surveillance recorder with network connection, then is a monitor not necessary.
Why so? Our surveillance recorders can be connected to your router, give the DVR a static IP address, gateway and DNS.
Then you can use any PC that is connected to your network, login to the surveillance recorder to view images. Also our surveillance recorders are designed so that if you log on from a distance, you can do exactly the same as local!
With this, you can record images on your own PC while you are abroad, pentaplex operation, backup images to play, whatever you do the surveillance recorder will always record.

Step 5 Complete security camera set:
We have complete surveillance sets, unique and extremely professional at an affordable price!
A complete surveillance set, is useful for individuals or small businesses. What is so unique about our complete security camera sets?
* No DVR security recorders with RJ45 input, also no BNC.
* Quiet operation because there is no fan!
* Complete sets with 4 weatherproof high resolution security cameras.
* With this DVR you don’t have to search for voltage. The recorder is equipped with POE and are thus they have power directly from the security recorder!
* RG59 coaxial cable with power cable is unnecessary.
* 1 electrical socket is sufficient for 4 or 8 security cameras and the surveillance recorder itself!
* Free CMS software and app for smartphones, convenient for moving images, drag and drop!

The cheapest set, already with 540 TV Lines, with clear images at an affordable price!
Connecting is very easy thanks to the RJ45 connectors, only settings require some attention.
Also in the evening it is possible to ask for help through the chat, with us you don’t have to solve this on your own!

Step 6 Using a wireless security camera:
It is also possible to use a wireless analog security camera. We don’t sell analog 2.4GHz, this is very poor quality and disturbs a lot.
We offer analog 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz digital cordless technology.
If you want to work wirelessly, follow the steps below.

1) Choose security camera
2) Choose type wireless receiver and transmitter
3) Images on surveillance monitor or connect directly to a surveillance recorder for recording.

The receiver is connected directly to the security camera and the images are transmitted wirelessly to the transmitter. The transmitter connects to a monitor or directly to a surveillance recorder.
If you want to be sure of perfect wireless images without disturbance, use a digital 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver, or a digital 5.8GHz transmitter and receiver set.
Also , it is possible to use the digital and analog transmitter and receiver for all other audio and video devices! Useful if you want to watch digital wireless TV in the bedroom.
If the reception is too weak, because the distance is further than 100 meters, you can use an external panel antenna amplifier

Step 7 facts:
With each product are shown the related products, check these out. If you have no knowledge about CCTV and you want to compose a set, do not forget the tension or a ceiling bracket. For each product you will also see tabs, you can find useful information here.
If you really have no idea where to start, chat, call or email us. Within 2 hours you will have an answer.

Decision aid for Category IP security camera

What are the differences between an IP security camera and an analog surveillance camera?
The resolution of an IP surveillance camera is translated to video quality.
An IP security camera always has a RJ45 network connection instead of BNC.
If you buy an IP surveillance camera it is already possible to watch live via the internet. If you choose wireless WiFi, it is even easier because construction of CAT5 cable is not required.
And if the connection isn’t stable enough, there are plenty of affordable solution to strengthen your WiFi reception. Our IP security camera are ONVIF suitable and fully compatible with all other brands.

Step 1 Choose IP surveillance camera:
In this category you can choose an IP security camera.
You can use a CAT5 cable for an IP security camera. In case of small pieces, you can use a network cable. These are available in various sizes, ready to use!
For longer distances is a WiFi IP surveillance camera better suited and obviously more convenient.

Step 2 Recording via network video recorder NVR:
You can view the images from an IP security camera from your PC or laptop.
With the included software, it is possible to set an IP security camera and capture images on a PC.
If you want to saving images at a PC,  you need to keep the PC at all times turned on, otherwise there is no recording.  Instead of storing images on a PC, you can choose an IP network video recorder (NVR). An NVR can be connected to a router, after the ports are correctly set up. You can log in worldwide and view live the attached images. All IP surveillance cameras are then recorded on a NVR instead of a PC, thus reducing energy.

Step 3 Choose security monitor:
In this category you can purchase and connect a monitor to the VGA output of the NVR.
Of course it is also possible to use your own computer screen, if you have one.

*This is a modest explanation to help individuals on the way, we also sell a variety of intelligent surveillance and integrated solution, for example bad images.
For the best advice and information, you can always contact us, we will respond faster than what your used to.

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