General conditions

Terms of delivery Online Camera Shop: Article 1 Applicability 1. a. On all offers, orders and agreements of Online Camera Shop are these conditions of delivery.
Accepting an offer or placing an order implies that the customer the applicability of these terms and conditions.

Article 2 offers and agreements 2. a. all offers of Online Camera Shop are non-binding and Online Camera Shop expressly reserves the right to withdraw offers.
All offers are subject to availability. Price changes are reserved at all times.
2. b. an agreement will be concluded after acceptance of the order by Online Camera Shop.
By means of a confirmation email is this acceptance confirmed and binding on both parties.
Online Camera Shop is entitled to refuse orders or certain conditions to the delivery.
2. c. the administration of Online Camera Shop and delivery service is proof to the contrary, as proof of the Camera by the customer to Online Shop made payments and deliveries made by's Online Camera Shop. Online Camera Shop recognizes that electronic communication can serve as evidence.
By accepting these terms and conditions the customer acknowledges this likewise.

Article 3 prices and payment 3.a. prices for products and services are in Euro, including 21% VAT and excluding shipping costs and including any payment fee.
3. (b) the shipping price of € 4.95 (including 21% VAT).
3. c. payment can take place via "iDEAL", "transfer" in advance, "cash on delivery (payment on delivery)", "Paypal" (via Credit Card) or one of the other options. At the cash on delivery option, an amount of € 13.95-€ 17.95.
3. d. all other invoices to be paid by the customer binnen14 business days after invoice date without discount or compensation.
If the term of payment is exceeded is Online Camera Shop right entitled as from the due date of the invoice also an interest rate of 1% per month to the customer to charge, where a part of a month for a whole month is counted.
Online Camera Shop will send a reminder when crossing the payment term and may in € 12.50 administration costs.
If invoice is considered the email that the customer after sending his order return by return.
3. e. If the customer also after sending the 2nd and 3rd reminder not, not fully or not for the payment date specified in the reminder has paid, has Online Camera Shop the right for its extrajudicial (collection) costs to charge to the customer.
The customer is also obliged to pay court costs actually incurred.

Article 4 orders and communication 4.
Online Camera Shop is in no way liable for misunderstandings, damage, delays or not clear or orders due to the use of internet or any other means of communication between the customer and Online Camera Shop, or between Online Camera Shop and third parties insofar related to the relationship between the customer and Online Camera Shop.
If you have any questions or complaints Online Camera Shop will respond within 2 working days, and will work to fix the problems.

Article 5 delivery and delivery time 5 a. Deliveries take place exclusively on the delivery address indicated by the customer.
5. c. the delivery times Indicated as an indication and not as a deadline. Online Camera Shop shall never be liable for any damage due to exceeding of delivery times.
5. d. Products shall be deemed to be delivered when the receiver according to his/her signature has received the product.
5. e. Online Camera Shop reserves the right to partial deliveries to proceed so that an order in two shipments.
5. f. Online Camera Shop maintains a minimum lead time of 1 day and a maximum delivery period of 30 days. After 30 days the consumer is entitled to dissolve the agreement without written notice.

Article 6 Incorrect delivery 6.
The customer is obliged upon delivery check whether the supplied corresponds to the agreement.
If the customer after receiving notice that the delivered does not correspond to the order, it shall, by means of an e-mail to, call within 2 days.
To the customer is then asked if he/she wants a new delivery or that he/she wants to receive the money back.
Also for other matters relating to orders and orders used typing your email address
Online Camera Shop respond within two business days on any complaint or incorrect delivery.

Article 7 Cancellation order 7. a. after the customer has received the product ordered by him/her, the customer has the ability to within 8 working days of receipt of this product the underlying agreement with Online Camera Shop to dissolve.
The customer does not need no reason to give up.
7. b. If the customer wishes to dissolve the agreement within that period the customer must in writing (e-mail, letter or fax) to Online Camera Shop sign.
The client has the product after consultation with Online Camera Shop to send it to a Camera Shop established by Online return address.
In this case the customer shall at its own costs and risk for sending.
7. c. If the customer already only made payments at the time the customer agreement with Online Camera Shop pursuant to the above, in article 7 of these terms and conditions of sale has revoked, will Online Camera Shop these payments within 14 working days of receipt of the returned product by the customer Online Camera Shop has received, to refund the customer.
The height of the refundable amount can never be more than the purchase price or the total of purchase prices of the returned products.
7. d. Online Camera Shop reserves the right to refuse or to returned products to only a portion of the amount paid to credit, or when it is suspected that the product is already open, used or by the fault of the customer is damaged.

Article 8 force majeure 8.
Online Camera Shop is not obliged to fulfill any obligation to the customer if it is prevented from doing so due to a circumstance that is not due to her fault not under the law legal act or generally accepted practice.

Article 9 reservation of title 9. a. the ownership of delivered goods is about if the customer on account of any agreement to Online Camera Shop is due, has met.
In relation to the product shall pass to the customer at the time of signature for delivery.
Online Camera Shop bears the risk during transport.

Article 10 intellectual and industrial property rights 10. a. the customer should all intellectual and industrial property rights which rest on the goods delivered by Online Camera Shop fully and unconditionally respect.
10. b. Online Camera Shop does not guarantee that the goods delivered to the customer do not infringe any intellectual and/or industrial property right of third parties and assumes no liability in the event of any claim by third parties based on the proposition that with by Online Camera Shop delivered item infringes any right of a third party.

Article 11 liability 11. a. Online Camera Shop can only be held liable for damage, which to her intent or gross negligence can be allocated up to the faktuurwaarde.
11. b. Online Camera Shop is not liable for any damage arising from typos, incorrect or unclear view of data and other shortcomings in information on the website, even when Online Camera Shop interim notification.
11. c. Online Camera Shop is not liable for any improper use of its products.

Article 12 personal data 12. a. personal data provided by the customer will be recorded in a file.
This data will only be used for the execution of the order of the customer.
12. b. data of the customer will by Online Camera Shop not be sold or rented to third parties.

Article 13 other Provisions 13. a. should the customer to Online Camera Shop in writing of a delivery address, Online Camera Shop is entitled to send all orders to this address, unless the customer Online Camera Shop in writing (e-mail, fax, letter) another address to which the customer's orders are to be sent.
13. b. When by Online Camera Shop during any period of time whether or not implied deviations from these conditions, this shall not affect its right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these terms and conditions.
The customer can never assert any right based on flexible application of these conditions by Online Camera Shop.
13. c. Online Camera Shop has the right at any time these terms and conditions and the content of the website Online Camera Shop.
13. d. Online Camera Shop is registered under number 67947689 at the Chamber of Commerce.
13. e.
Online Camera Shop is just an Internet name and not the actual Legal trade name.
The Legal trade name is Stetrin Security BV companies.
All work is carried out under the name Stetrin Security BV enterprises.
13. f. Online Camera Shop is in no way liable for any errors in the publication, (price) changes reserved.

Article 14 applicable law and competent court 14. a. all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, including these terms and conditions, is governed by Dutch law.
14. b. All disputes between parties will be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

Article 15 Returns 15. a. should return within 14 days of purchase date.
15. b. Online Camera Shop reserves the right that if an item does not meet return conditions has met the full amount may be withheld.
15. c.
In all cases,, * original invoice of purchase.
* Product may not be used.
* Product must be in the same packaging and also in the same way as those of the vendor.
* Any software and warranty seals must not be disconnected/removed.
* Protections may not be deleted.
* The product shall not have been built in or mounted.
* The product should be undamaged.
15. d. products from price should not be returned, unless otherwise specified or approved by management.
15. e. in returns can and should Online Camera Shop 15% of the purchase price to re-stockings cost requirements of the buyer.

Article 16 Guaranteed 16. a. buyer has 5 year warranty on all CCTV Security camera products with the SST & brand, unless otherwise indicated.
16. b. buyer does not claim warranty if, * buyer has opened the case yourself which causes components failed.
* Any seals are broken.
* The product is struck by lightning, water or other natural phenomenon.
* The product improper or careless is used.
* Damage by third parties.
* To prove that the defect has not occurred has been supplier or seller's fault.

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