1/3 inch Motorized body CCTV security camera lens 6-36mm

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Focal length 6.0-36 mm, Aperture F/1.2, CS mount, viewing angle 50 ° 55 '-9 ° 18 '

1/3 inch Motorized body CCTV security camera lens 6-36mm.
The price might be very low for this type of CCTV lens, but we promise professional CCTV quality.
We do know how important a CCTV system is for your client, we take care of customers who will be very satisfied with our CCTV lens.
We do offer a very large range of CCTV camera lenses.

For example this CCTV security camera lens, can be controlled from distance.
People just need to connect a UTP cable for the RS485 data connection on a keyboard or CCTV DVR.

Once proper connected and the right protocols are chosen for the CCTV camera input, than you can use the zoom function.
This is very handy for people who wanna see things better from remote location, but also wanna have a wide view, just to surveillance a wide object.

This CCTV lens used very high quality CCTV lens products.
So this CCTV lens is made for professional needs.
This CCTV lens comes with a 5 year warranty.
If this CCTV lens will brake within 5 years, we will sent you a new one without extra cost.
But the old CCTV lens need to be sent back for repair.

Try this CCTV lens and you will have a working system day in and day out.

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Warranty3 year
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