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Hunting Camera - LTL ACORN 5310WA

Hunting Camera - LTL ACORN 5310WA

Metal box for LTL acorn hunting cameras

Metal box for LTL acorn hunting cameras

Hunting camera with MMS, SD card function, 5 megapixel camera


Hunting camera to film wild animals with super sharp resolution!
The animals will not be deterred beacause of the camouflaged enclosure.
This hunting camera has MMS function and SD card recordings.
The camera features a highly sensitive passive infrared (PIR) sensor.
With night vision with 940nm wavelength, the LEDs will not glow red. 

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This is a perfect hunting camera, intended for wooded areas.
It is very easy for this hunting camera to tie to a tree.
Thanks to the various settings it is possible to make pictures and film recordings.

This hunting camera works on 940nm wavelength.
That is, the infrared LEDs will not glow red when it is night and won't deters wild animals.

This hunting camera is also ideal for scouting and is equipped with camouflage paint.
The 5 megapixel lens creates very sharp images, so the animals and plants are recorderd in a very high resolution.

Image sensor of 5 mega pixel color SMOS.
The resolution of the hunting camera is 1440 x 1080 with 15 images per second.
Photo resolution of  5MP/12MP/2MP = 2560X1920/4000X3000/1600X1200.
With a programmable interval of 0-60 seconds.
The video length can range from 1 second to 60 seconds, this is adjustable.

This camera is bundled with the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) module.
The MSS can be read off in  VGA resolution = 640x480 or QVGA = 320x240.
The MSS can be programmed, there may be 1 to 3 phone numbers stored.
Also there can be 1 to 3 email addresses stored.

F=3.1; FOV=100°.
The viewing angle of the lens is 100 degrees. 
With auto IR-cut removal (in the evening).

The hunting camera is protected from dust that could cause disturbances.
Also the hunting camera is protected from splashes.

Night vision
The IR LEDs with 850nM wavelength have a night vision range of 30 meters (98 feet).
With the IR LEDs the wavelength 940nM have a night vision range of 13.5 metres (44 feet).
Hunting camera can work both in the day and evening.

The camera features a highly sensitive passive infrared (PIR) sensor. This detects if there is a sudden change of the ambient temperature takes place.
If there is a change, photos/videos will be sent to the user's mobile phone or email account.

The PIR has 3 sensitivity levels: high/normal/low.
At normal sensitivity and with a temperature below 25 °c, the PIR has a range of 25 meters (82 feet).
Left and right light rays form a corner, the two together form an angle of 100 degrees.
Each infrared range is 10 degrees.
The main PIR sensitivity angle is 35 degrees.

Images are stored on a SD HC card of up to 16 GB.
Included are 12 x AA batteries, 8 thereof are still hunting for the camera.
The standby mode can last for 3 to 6 months.

TFT display
48x35.69mm (2.36");480(RGB)*234DOT; 16.7M colours.

TV output (NTSC); 
USB; SD Card Slot; 
6V DC extern.

Other features
Works at the following temperature: -30 ~+70°C/-22~+158°F.
Humidity: 5%--95%
Dimensions hunting camera: 80mmx130mmx48mm.

More Information
Brand LTL
Warranty 2 year
Features hunting camera MMS, SD card recording
Mega Pixel 5 MP
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