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Wireless camera set with 2 HD cameras

Wireless camera set with 2 HD cameras

HD 720p wireless security set with 4 cameras

HD 720p wireless security set with 4 cameras

HD camera set with 3 security cameras (720p)

Same set as the Wireless HD 720p camera set, but now with 3 cameras!
This set is high quality, so are the cameras HD 720p.
The security cameras are weather resistant and are therefore both indoor and outdoor use.
There can be recorded on movement or continuous to be filmed.
The images are stored on the SD card, this card can be expanded to 128 GB. 
With 9 inch LCD screen.

€600.00 Excl. BTW
Delivery within 3-7 days

Features 3x HD 720p wireless security camera set
- No ip camera but still HD image rendering
- 720 p/1mp high definition ultra sharp picture display
- Cloud technology for remote viewing without to set ports
- Recording on sd card continuously or only when movement
- Free app for Android and Apple smartphone
- 2.4 GHz wireless digital signal good for 300 meter transmission distance in open field
- Frame rate: 2ch 1280×720@15fps + 2ch 640x480@25fps 320×240@25fps
- Night view 20 meters
- View recorded images via smartphone
- Wireless Cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Live view on IPad/IPhone/Android tablet and smartphone

No ip camera but still HD playback!
This is not an ip camera, but does produce the same image quality as a 720 p HD ip camera.

HD image display on own monitor
This HD 720 p wireless camera set comes with a 9 "monitor.
With this monitor, it is possible to instantly to view recorded images and is also the receiver for all wireless cameras.

Sharp display even for recorded images in 720 p/1MP HD quality.

This wireless 720 p camera set uses 2.4 GHz wireless signal.
Unwanted watch on the same frequency is therefore not possible.

Recording and motion detection
This 720 p wireless camera set is able to record on motion or continuous.
All images are stored on an sd card, this is to order during the checkout process!

Cloud technology
Ideal not only for Dutch users, but also for Belgian users, because the cloud ensures that one always can watch live via mobile. 
Scan the qr code via the free app and the unique id number is taken directly.
The UPnP feature in the router, ensures that these 720 p HD Wireless set is foreseen, the requested network information.
It is even possible to set this whole HD wireless camera system to use without a pc, because everything is configurable via the smartphone app.

This Wireless HD 720 p camera system, comes with a 2 year warranty!

Package content
3x 2.4GHz wireless 720p HD camera
1x 9" LCD receiver
1x Camera bracket suitable for all angles
1x Wireless Adapter for the HD film camera and LCD screen
1x Software cd rom with user manual

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 2 year
Mark selection With LCD screen, SD card record
Resolutie HD (720p)
Quantity P2P camera's Set with 3 wireless P2P camera's
LCD Inches 9"


(Size: 197.4 KB)
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