Actieve Video,Audio&Data Twisted Pair Transmissie

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Inclusief Adapter t.b.v voeding. Compleet Set!

* Three position range switch for gain select on transmitter.
* Five position distance range switch on Receiver, brightness adjustment, two video output.
* Built in transient protection and ground lifting.

*Transmit audio, a full motion color or monochrome video signal and data.
*Five-position distance range switch to adjust transmission distance up to 2.4Km.
*System is integrated with alarm sensor (PIR, Magnetic, etc..) or data (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
*Built in transient protection and ground lifting. damaging voltage spike problems are eliminated.
*.Each set could be series connection for transmitting range over 2.4 Km.
*Anti-catch signal to avoid someone catch the signal from CAT 5 cable between transmitter & receiver
*Exceptional interference immunity

Specifications for Transmitter
Video Input: 1Vp-p, 75 ohms, BNC Connector
Audio Input: 2Vp-p, 10K ohms, RCA Connector
DC output for motion sensor: 12VDC,50 (Max)
Sensor Input : Bypass
Power Consumption: 40mA DC output fro CCD Canera 12V regulated,300mA (Max)
Power Adapter : Included
Dimension (mm): 78x110x24,
Material : Metal Black

Specifications for Receiver
Video Output : 1Vp-p, 750ohms BNC connector
Video Output Port: 2
Audio Output: 2Vp-p, 10K ohms, RCA connector
Power Input : DC12V
Power Consumpution80mA
Powe Adapter : Included
Switching Setting: SEC1:0-300M
Recommend cable: CAT 5 cable 4 pairs(24AWG)
Dimension (mm): 78x110x24
Material : Metal Black

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