Actieve 4 Kanaals ontvanger adapter tbv voeding inbegrepen

Actieve 4 Kanaals ontvanger adapter tbv voeding inbegrepen

Actieve IP Extender over CAT5 kabel

Actieve IP Extender over CAT5 kabel

Actieve CCTV IP Extender over Coax kabel

Inclusief TX x 1, RX x 1, inclusief Adapter tbv voeding.

€ 501,50 Excl. BTW
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IP extender is designed to extend any TCP/IP devices for long range transmission up to 1.8Km over existing coaxial .
It is completely transparent to protocols, codes, and applications ensuring compatibility with any IP camera and its management software.
It is perfect solution for sending IP video links to remote camera installation that are beyond the 100 meters distance limit of Ethernet.
Cable :

* IP02 link cable: Hi quality coax cable such as RG59/U
* Ethernet: Standard CAT5/CAT5e cable.

Cable Define :

          * IP02 Link Cable
            1. Central DATA +
            2. Ground DATA -
          * Ethernet Cable (TIA/EIA-568-B)
            1. Orange-white TX+
            2. Orange TX-
            3. Green-white RX+
            4. Blue Reserve
            5. Blue-white Reserve
            6. Green RX-
            7. Brown-white Reserve
            8. Brown Reserve
* TX/RX Setting
          o TX/RX = Transmitter (IP Camera or any TCP/IP devices)
            ¡ = Receiver (PC side)
* Status LED Display
          o 1. Power LED
            ON = Power Good / OFF = No Power
          o 2. RX LED
            ON = RX / OFF = TX
          o 3. Link LED
            Slow Blink = Searching / Fast Blink = Linking / ON = Linked
* Ethernet LED Display
          o LINK / ACT Status LED (Green)
            ON = Link / Blink = ACT
          o Link Speed LED (Orange)
            ON = 100Mbps / OFF = 10Mbps
* Caution :
          o In order to avoid interference or shorter working range.
The cabling must away from any equipment with electromagnetic wave, i.e.: microwave, radio equipment, high voltage.
* Data Rate reference :
          o IP02 use RG59/U cable:
            300M 50Mbps
            600M 45Mbps
            1000M 40Mbps
            1800M 20Mbps


* IP02 Active IP Extender over Coax
          o Send and extend IP camera signal or any TCP/IP devices over existing coaxial cable.
          o Active type, including transmitter and receiver.
          o Plug and play for easy connection
          o Long range transmission up to 1800 meters ( Max.)

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