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Vitron HD PLC IP camera set image via mains no cables needed

Vitron HD PLC IP camera set image via mains no cables needed

Witron wi-fi ip camera set HD 720p/1.3MP with built-in router!

Witron wi-fi ip camera set HD 720p/1.3MP with built-in router!

XITRON FHD 1080p powerline IP security system 230VAC

Xitron full hd 1080 p powerline ip camera system for image transmission over the 230VAC mains.
Cost effective because pulling wires is redundant, safe and reliable without delay.
Equipped with 2 bullet and 2 vandal-resistant ip camera 1080 p powerline/2mp.

€895.00 Excl. BTW
Delivery within 48 hours

Features Full HD 1080p stream network ip camera system
-Stream network via wired, beeldoverdacht own 230VAC
-Plug and play system, no difficult settings required
-Full HD 1080 p/2 megapixel resolution
-indoor and outdoor weatherproof bullet and vandal proof ip cameras
-with built-in home plug for the IP cameras and network recorder
-P2P cloud technology for smartphone display without difficult router settings
-Real time video display without delay
-no tax for an existing internet network cable through an entire home or business building is no longer necessary
-motion detection with email alarm
-Day and night display with automatic switching
-up to 300 metres per power cable
-200Mbps data rate

Powerline technology
More convenient is hardly! Not suffer from insufficient wireless signals, this set gives the images by using the 230 v AC network. Connect one of the 4 power network ip cameras to the wall outlet and the images are passed through the existing house wiring to the recorder for recording. There is no lag, there is talk of smooth beeldstreaming.

No experience with setting the appropriate ports in a router? No worries! Disable the DHCP function in and the nvr network recorder will automatically receive all port settings by using the router. It does not work? Then look only even or upnp is enabled in the router.

View live images on tablets, smartphones and laptops.
The app for this system is called "GOOLINK" download the app and test it out.

The included powerline ip cameras are fully weatherproof, this can be placed within, but also outside.

Enjoy Full HD 1080p images at 2mp quality!

3 steps system
The commissioning of this stream network 230VAC set is ready in 3 steps.

3 stappen voor aansluiten ip camera 

Step 2
Image on the monitor

beeld op monitor via lichtnet 

Step 3
Last step connect the NVR with your router

NVR verbinden met router 

Package includes
2x Powerline bullet IP camera with 1080p FHD resolution
2x Powerline vandal proof 1080p FHD IP camera's
1x Powerline network recorder p2p 1080p live image and recordings
1x Sata HDD 1TB for 2 weeks recording
Connectivity through all groups
A home or business usually has multiple groups. The "fake" powerline systems can not work on different groups, in other words if the powerline ip camera is connected to spanningroep 1 and the recorder in a totally different area, with voltage Group 2, not the original powerline systems this may not to use the same group should be mandatory, and that works of course for no one properly. This powerline HD ip camera set is suitable for all groups, it doesn't matter where it is placed, as long as the 230VAC network. This system works just like a home plug.

WHat is powerline plc?
Power-line communications (PLC) carries information about a conductor who also simultaneously is used for AC electric transmission or distribution system of the electric power to consumers. It is also known as the bearer of the telelijn (PDSL), mains power and communications, telecommunications, power line or power line networking (PLN). As we know, was Wi-Fi IP cameras developed to the cabling to reduce costs. Wi-Fi technology, however, has a deficit, such as the low stability, limited transfer of distance, interference problem, large bandwidth usage etc. All these shortages are no longer applicable to our security systems PLC. With PLC technology applied in our IP cameras and NVR, we have solved the main pain points for our home/company security surveillance system.



HomePlug®AV, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u





Transmit Speed 


Ethernet Port

10/100Mbps 4pin


AC port, Function Pin Interface, Ethernet Interface, DC port

Transit Distance

300M(Under One KWH Electric Meter)

Date Security

128-bit AES Coding


DC 12V 200mA

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
Filter IP set With PoE, 4 IP Camera's, Powerline, 1080p
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