Intelligent 2.0MP digital LCD peephole viewer with SIM card and call to mobile feature!

Intelligent 2.0MP digital LCD peephole viewer with SIM card and call to mobile feature!

Wireless Wi-Fi door spy with camera IPhone/Android app

This is a smart Wi-Fi door spy with which it will be possible via a smartphone and tablet to be able to see who is at the front door.
The one at the door does not need to call for video playback, users can at any time of the day see what happens at the front door.

This Wi-Fi door spy is not only equipped with a video camera, but also a microphone and speaker so users can speak next to listen, too.
This wifi peephole door spy viewer has a SD card interface and all motions will be recorded on the SD card so that users can view back later who was at the front door!

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This Wi-Fi door spy brings a new level in the field of monitoring specifically for the front door, so users can see at any time of the day, who's at the door. Motion detection via PIR technology gives the possibility to receive an alert, even when the one on the door is not on pressing the doorbell!
This Wi-Fi door spy with sd card recording replaces your current door spy and keeps the user at all times in access via wireless wifi router. 

SD card recording
This Wi-Fi door spy comes complete with sd card, so that users can start immediately.

Registration of movements at the front door
This Wi-Fi door spy records anyone who goes to the front door, even if the one is not pressing the doorbell.
All movements at the door will be saved.

2 way communication
Speak with the one at the door through your smartphone, IPhone/Android and tablet devices.

Access worldwide via your own wireless router
In contrast to our intelligent door spy with sim card, is this wifi spy door equipped with a Wi-Fi module.
A SIM card now is therefore no longer necessary, because this Wi-Fi door spy is to pair with your own wireless router for live image remotely via smartphone.

Angle camera
The camera that is in this Wi-Fi door spy, has a viewing angle of 165 degrees!

Connect this cable with the supplied adapter and Wi-Fi door spy to an electrical outlet, so that it will continue work at all times.

It is not possible to use a battery, this will be empty in a heartbeat.

Good for B/G/N Wi-Fi wireless networks.

The camera that is mounted in this Wi-Fi door spy has a 0 .3megapixel lens.

Multiple devices on 1 app
Is no problem, the app includes data fields, where multiple wireless Wi-Fi can be added door spies.

It is possible to expand this Wi-Fi door spy with alarm detectors, such as passive infrared or wireless doorbell that can take with you to the living room, so you will always hear the doorbell. It is also possible to connect a wireless electronic lock which can be opened by using the smartphone app.

Package content
1x doorbell unit
1x Micro usb charging cable
1x 5 pins cable
1x App electro file
1x Manual
1x Mounting bracket
1x Power adapter
1x Screwdriver
1x Bag of screws
1x SD card

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Brand OEM
Warranty 2 year
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