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Hercules 4 camera security DVR cctv recorder elite 960H cloud

Hercules 4 camera security DVR cctv recorder elite 960H cloud

16 channel h.264/960H cloud CCTV camera dvr recorder

16 channel h.264/960H cloud CCTV camera dvr recorder

Video surveillance recorder 960H, QMEYE, p2p App recording playback, max 8 CCTV cameras

> Live image display without any port forwarding cloud technique P2P
> Varying ip addresses set up no problem, this p2p recorder remains working remotely at all times
> Super strong QMEYE app with most and best features, many times better than XMEYE, and VMEYE.
> www.qmeye.net own server site for video management and MAC software downloads a recorder with top features!

€280.00 Excl. BTW
In stock shipping in 24 hours

Create an account via www.qmeye.net and log in through the app with your new data. This is going to be a new world with extra added features such as alarm management via the smartphone app. So you can give the smartphone a notification when motion can be seen.
New to this DVR recorder is the ability to log in to certain ip addresses. This is particularly useful for companies with a high risk.
Now it's also possible to directly via the menu to see how many users are actually logged in. The admin can deny acces for the logged-in users. In short this CCTV camera recorder can do very much for a super affordable price!

Features elite cctv camera recorder DVR 960H with power cloud technology
960H real-time recording and playback on all 8 security camera inputs
Pentaplex operation for added security so that images be included at all times
Menu control buttons on the front via a mouse or via remote control
VGA output with a resolution up to 1280 x 1024
In addition to VGA also feature HDMI output
- 8 RCA audio inputs for 1 microphone per video channel
Speeddome RS485 connection
Ready for all the popular smartphones, even suitable for the Blackberry!
Up to 2 x 3 TB sata hard disk allowed
Update via network or usb stick
Ability to show the home screen with your own logo
Support for many languages including Dutch!

Possibilities 960H DVR CCTV camera security recorder
Recording on motion with alarm notification via the app on your mobile phone
Works with all known browsers; Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox
Fully active-x license, this saves frustrations because Windows is strict with non licensed Active-X. Our customers do not need Windows to disable the protections to be able to install Active-X script for remote access.
Full control via smartphone browser or via the own website, CMS and www.qmeye.net
Remembering ip addresses and serial numbers is no longer necessary. Create an account via www.qmeye.net and add all your recorders
Suitable for MAC/Windows operating systems. Download the CMS software via www.qmeye.net
Very sharp image through the app, without jerks and also have a 2nd streaming for customers with slow internet speed
P2P cloud technique all equipped with bar codes and so live images on distance without to forward ports in the router
Home screen with installation wizard
Sequential adjustable image
Digital zoom with alarm and screen configuration
Digital adjustable image display
Buzzer for video and problem with hard disk and other alarm notifications
Pre-alarm recording capability
Recordings via schedule schedule and at movement
Adjustable sub stream per video channel
Email function in movement and alerting also with SSL protocol
PPPoE and 3G dial up connection
DDNS service
Barcodes available via the menu of the recorder. See images
Access control: see and manage all remote who is logged in
Super extended user management all features are configurable per user
Alarm contact NO/NC programmable relays and is connectable with a PTZ speeddome
Find all events using the log
IP address restriction for high risk, remote access is only possible for the specified IP address!

For this powerful and professional DVR we have the QMEYE app
QMEYE is advertising and spam free and is free to download from the app store
Very smooth real time display without shocking images
2 streams to know a main and sub stream. Main for crystal clear images and therefore a higher internet speed and sub stream for slow ADSL connections
Saved images on the recorder are reflected through the QMEYE app
Create an account via the QMEYE software and enjoy new features like an alarm message on your mobile phone where the QMEYE app on running
And many more useful features for this professional app

This CCTV security dvr recorder comes with a professional CMS software and this can also be downlloaden through www.qmeye.net
Approach the recorder for real time playback through all known browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE
Discovery management Video
Super convenient car window preview for users with multiple DVR servers, so the complete freedom in which order the cameras to be displayed and of course much more possibilities via the net. See also the pictures!

This is a complete 960H dvr security recorder. All 8 camera inputs are equipped with 960H playback and recording.
960H has a resolution of 720 x 480 960x480 where d1 but offers.
And has an even lower resolution of cif, 360x240.
Buy a Sony 700TVL security camera  or even better a Sony security camera1000TVL.
Tip: buy at least a security camera with a Sony Effio chip!

Thanks to the h.264 compression technique one can count on excellent and longer recording on a hard disk.

Cloud support
This CCTV DVR security camera is equipped with its own serial number for p2p cloud technology.
Only UPnP must be enabled so that the DVR recorder with the information they get.
All serial numbers are in the menu of the recorder and is also convenient to scan through the barcode.
A cloud recorder is especially useful for Belgian customers with varying ip addresses.

Speeddome control
Buy a movable speeddome cctv camera or use the speeddome function of the built-in RS485 internal cctv recorder itself.
Or if you use frequently, then buy the speeddome control panel.

Alarm control
Use an external alarm contact normally closed or normally open, to the recorder to adjust any interference detection.
So it is possible to set the recorder after activation of the alarm contact the cctv security camera starts making withdrawals.

Enter an email address and leave the recorder all movements shooting and forward to the email address.
Of course also directly recorded movie files.

This CCTV camera recorder is equipped with 8 video inputs and there is also a microphone connection per input per camera.
Connect a microphone to and the sound is also included, this is adjustable.
Select the video channel through the recorder or direct internet and sounds are audible.
Buy our great cctv microphones with built-in amplifier

View recordings
Unlike many other recorders that our competitors offer, we have this recorder equipped with super server functions.
Recorded images one can review via www.qmeye.net, via the SMARTPHONE or via the Professional CMS software.
This recorder works through the pentaplex principle. This means that recordings will take place at all times, regardless of what users are doing.

IP restriction
New in this recorder is the function ip restriction. If an ip address is filled in, can only log in remotely over the network that address.

A monitor is actually 1 x to set the recorder for the network.
Take the recorder on in your local area network and then it is possible to the recorder at all times via a computer/laptop to access and to set further.
So a CCTV monitor is handy to have, but it is no longer necessary!

MAC ready
Also the MAC users are not forgotten!
MAC users can also surf to www.qmeye.net and download the software for the MAC there.

Image display order
If a camera image in a different spot Shold be just now, you can do so via the menu.
Exchange cables is no longer necessary.

- DVR recorder 960H with cloud function with 8 BNC video inputs
- Remote control
Mouse for control recorder
CD rom with software and manuals
Optional hard disk if hard disk is ordered. We build this directly into the recorder

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 2 year
DVR marks Cloud P2P technology, 8 camera connections, Active-X license, Dutch menu, HDMI, CMS, Ventilation free, 8 audio connections, 960H
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