VGA, extend keyboard and mouse via CAT5 UTP/STP/cable

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Extension cable (VGA) and data monitor, a keyboard and mouse via CAT5 cable up to max 100m.

VGA cable for the monitor, cable for mouse, keyboard, LCD, projector are too short?
Use this Extender, suitable for CAT5/STP cable up to 100 metres!
This VGA, keyboard, mouse, VGA CAT5 Extender, has the ability to video signals and the signals from a keyboard and mouse to send via 2 x CAT5/STP cable.
This set has a USB connection to the local side and a PS/2 mouse/keyboard connection, on the remote side.
With dip switch, so that this device works on all monitors!
Eliminate expensive VGA/keyboard/mouse cable.
Suitable for e.g. classrooms with projectors, or medical information systems.
Passive device, no VGA support DDC protocol! (And hence no separate voltage.)


- Environment VGA. VESA VP&D 1.0, VIP ver 2.0
- Devices: VGA monitors, LCD projection screen, Laptops, PCs.
- Input Signals Video : 1.1V P-P
- Horiz & Vert Sync : TTL standard. 300kHz max. bandwidth
- Insertion Loss: less than 3dB per pair over the frequency range
- Video Signal Return Loss: -15dB max from DC to 60Mhz
- RJ45 Pin Configuration
- R video (Red): Pin 1 (+), Pin 2 (-) Balanced
- Gvideo (Green): Pin 4 (+), Pin 5 (-) Balanced
- B video (Blue): Pin 7 (+), Pin 8 (-) Balanced
- Horizontal Sync: Pin 3, Vertical Sync: Pin 6
-    Extend VGA and Keyboard mouse over 2 CAT5 UTP cable to instead of VGA cable and keyboard mouse cable.
-    Including local and remote units.
-    Up to 100 meters via standard 4 pairs CAT5 STP or UTP cable instead of VGA cable.
-    Transmitter built in virtual DDC to avoid improperly setting at resolution and frequency.
-    Transmitter built in sync mode selection for signal stability.
-    Receiver built in sync filter level adjustment for signal stability.
-    Supports up to 1280x1024 pixels.
-    Passive device, not support VGA DDC protocol.
-    Perfect for classrooms, lecture halls, tradeshows, video information displays, etc.

Optional with PS/2 connection!

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