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Witron wi-fi ip camera set HD 720p/1.3MP with built-in router!

Witron wi-fi ip camera set HD 720p/1.3MP with built-in router!

Nitrox Wireless HD wifi IP camera set with built in monitor

Nitrox Wireless HD wifi IP camera set with built in monitor

Vantriv WI-FI security camera system HD bullet and vandal dome

HD 720 p/1 .3MP wifi ip camera security system type Vantrix, with built-in router.
Fully wireless IP cameras with Wi-Fi technology, perfect Wi-Fi system for businesses and homes.

€475.00 Excl. BTW
In stock shipping in 24 hours

Vantriv features WIFI IP camera set
-HD 720 p/1 .3MP
-built-in router to link the IP cameras via WIFI! 
-P2P NVR recorder with 720p recording and playback with HDMI and VGA output
-weatherproof bullet Wi-Fi IP cameras
-Plug and play network link for the WI-FI cameras is not necessary! 
-Day night view car switching with 30 meter night vision

Why with built-in router?
We have several Wi-Fi ip camera systems tested, also the versions in which the Wi-Fi ip cameras had to be linked, on the router of the client. Unfortunately, this is not always easy and we had to stop the sale. Now has our supplier here a solution for conceived and made sure that the NVR recorder is equipped with its own built-in Wi-Fi router. A big advantage is that the customer's network no longer need to be in charge and that the IP cameras always images will hand over to the network recorder. To connect to a smartphone or laptop, the recorder to be connected to the wireless router by the customer, this can be done with or without LAN network cable. We advise anyone to prefer this set to buy, rather than a WIFI ip camera set without built-in Wi-Fi router, then you know that you will in any case the same day can start with pictures!

Simpel installation
Simple installation there is no cable needed, plug and play system, simple and easy to install and Assembly cost savings.

New! Now with WPS WI-FI setup, automatic point to point connection and anti interference. The NVR is independent thanks to the WI-FI chipset that use the advanced WPS technology. He is able to get the wifi ip camera ´ s automatically pairs at system startup. Note: a point to point wifi system works much better, is more stable and less affected by interference.

WIFI instellen

Motion detection
With the movement detection option allows you to record only when motion is detected so that you save memory space, without important events to be missed. Use alarm combination actions to directly include images, send an e-mail alert, FTP alert to send images if there is movement, or if there is a camera goes offline.


Suitable for real time display and recording on all the popular smartphones.

Download the ESEENET app and test it out, there are several options available, including remote viewing recorded images.

No understanding of networks and or set up routers, no worries! Scan the QR code through the app for direct connection via a smartphone, laptop or client software.

WIFI distance
In view of the signal can be sufficient up to 100 meters far and after 2 walls even 30 meter range! If the signal is too weak, then we can always do a antenna amplifier as a solution. Or use Wi-Fi repeaters can also be a solution, at least there are plenty of solutions to a Wi-Fi signal.

wifi ip camera bereikWifi IP camera
Guaranteed sharp HD image rendering and suitable for use indoors or outdoors, the IP cameras are weather resistant. Would you rather not use the Wi-Fi, use the LAN connection. The bullet Wi-Fi ip cameras have a solid wall bracket and can so much better against inclement weather. There is a night vision by about 30 metres by using array ir leds, array ir leds provide clear night vision. Connect the IP camera using the supplied adapter into an electrical outlet, for Wi-Fi connection.

NVR recorder
As you've previously read, this NVR recorder features a built-in Wi-Fi router. The ip camera recorder is not depending on your own router and that makes for a more stable system. The recorder is equipped with a HDMI and VGA connection for a tv/screen. Use the p2p cloud function, to remotely to look with a smartphone, without portforwarding. Operation of the nvr recorder is possible via the included usb mouse. Make backups can be done via a usb stick or network.

Specification table wifi IP camera's

Operating System

Embedded linux

Image Sensor

1.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor



Frame Specification

H.264 1920x960@25fpS

S/N Ratio


Minimum Illumination

Color:0.1 LuxB/W:0.01 Lux 



White Balance 






Privacy Masking

8 Zone Selectable

Anti-thunder Level

Standard IEC6100-4-5

Power Input





RJ45/WIFI 802.11b/g/n

Working Temperature


-10 to +50/30% to80% RH





Specification table NVR

OPerating System

Embedded linux OS 

Video input

Network Video

4CH 720P

Video output

HDMI input

1ch,  resolution:  1024x768, 1336x768,


VGA output

1ch,  resolution:  1024x768, 1336x768,



Video Resolution





Video Control

Video/Capture mode


Playback mode

Real time ,Routine,Event


USB backup



1*SATA interface

Max Capacity

4 TB at most for each

External Interface

Network Interface

1 adaptable RJ45 10M/100M,

2 WIFI interface

 USB port

USB Interface

2 USB 2.0

Network Control


UPnP (play&plug), SMTP(email survice),

PPPoE (dial-up), 

DHCP (Automatically Obtain an Ip address)...





DC 12V 3A

Consumption(excluding HDD)


Working Temperature


Working Humidity




Weight(excluding HDD)

Around 1Kg 

- Homes
- Small companies
- Elementary school
- Vacation homes
Shed or storage place

Package includes
1x NVR recorder with 1TB SATA harddisk
2x Bullet wifi IP camera's
2x Vandalproof ipc
1x 2m network cable
4x adaptor for the wifi ip camera's
1x MMouse for menu control

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
Filter IP set Wi-Fi camera's, 4 IP Camera's, 720p
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