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Set AHD for indoor and outdoor use, 1200 tvl, 720p and recorder with 16 connectors

Set AHD for indoor and outdoor use, 1200 tvl, 720p and recorder with 16 connectors

Vandalproof AHD set with hybrid recorder and 20m night vision

Vandalproof AHD set with hybrid recorder and 20m night vision

Vandalproof AHD surveillance system set with hybrid recorder

Vandalproof security camera set with hybrid recorder.
The security camera is fully weatherproof and has a resolution of 720p.
The recorder has 4 connections for AHD surveillance cameras or analog security cameras.
The recorder has VGA and HDMI outputs. 

€350.00 Excl. BTW
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Complete AHD vandalproof surveillance system set for outdoor.
With 1 x vandal proof security camera with a resolution of 720 p.
4ch AHD security camera recorder for 720 p. 
This set can be expanded with 3 AHD surveillance cameras or analog surveillance cameras.

Vandalproof security camera

The security camera has a resolution of 1280 (H) * 720 (V) @ 30/25 fps – 720 p (Horizontal 1200 TV Lines)
1200 tv lines and a lens of 1.3 megapixel from Sony with IMX238 chipset.
IMX 238 provides at least 1200TVL and a Sony IMX 138 chip ensures 1000TVL.
The lens is varifocal and is 2.8-12 mm wide.

This camera with AHD technology is specially designed for outdoor use.
The security camera is vandal resistant. 
The camera works at temperatures between-10 and + 50 degrees.
Should the humidity 85% or less.

Outdoor camera with 30 IR LEDs.
These LEDs provide a range of 15-20 meters.
Minimum illumination is 0.01 lux.
The LEDs automatically go on at 10 lux. 
The wavelength is 850nm.

AHD recorder
Do you have AHD security camera and want the highest possible picture quality?
We advise you to buy a AHD recorder!
Not only AHD surveillance cameras are supported, but also analog security cameras.

Smartphone ready
This AHD security DVR recorder has a network connection to connect with a smartphone, to view live images in real time.

There is a ad free app which can be freely downloaded from the app store, thus without any additional cost.

This AHD recorder has 4 connections. 

The connectors have a resolution of 720p / 960H. 

The AHD surveillance recorder has a VGA and HDMI output.

The resolution of VGA (Max: 1920 x 1080).
HDMI resolution is 1920 x 1080. 

Recording resolution
The recording resolutions for AHD and 960H are:
AHD 1280 x 720@120fps.
960H 960 x 480 @120fps.
You can choose to continuously record or only when motion takes place. 
It is also possible to set the recorder at certain times.

Content AHD set
1x DVR with 4 channels
1x AHD vandalproof security camera
1x 1 TB hard disk
1x Remote control

1x Mouse control
1x CD rom with software
1x 20 meters cable
1x Power supply
1x Splitter for power supply to cams and recorder

For more technical information about these products, you can download our data sheets.
These can be found under downloads, just below the brief description of this set.

More Information
Brand SST
Warranty 5 year
Resolution 720P
QTY CCTV camera's 1 CCTV security camera
Camera design Vandalproof
Video Output HDMI, VGA
AHD recorder connections 4 BNC connections
Mega Pixel 1.3 MP


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