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RF splitter for modulator and demodulator

RF splitter for modulator and demodulator

Video balun belonging to article BIN-HUB16

Video balun belonging to article BIN-HUB16

Twisted pair HUB for 16 CCTV camera's

16 port CAT5/twisted pair UTP cable HUB, active technology.
With per channel adjustable reinforcement!
This 16 channel utp cable hub is cost and space saving and, of course, much more professional, than 16 loose balun components.
Equipped with 16 BNC connectors, enables you to connect it to a security recorder.
In addition, there are 4 x RJ45 ports, these are meant for the 16 security cameras, which via CAT5/UTP cable come in.
Per RJ45 input 4 cameras, via twisted pair cable be connected, then this is a total of 16 pieces.
Because 1 RJ45 has 8 wires!
If you do not fully understand, check out the schedule, in the picture gallery.

€256.00 Excl. BTW
Delivery within 48 hours

-16 channel active video receiver, send and receive video signals over cat5/RJ45 utp cable connections
-brightness and contrast Control per channel!
-Frequency 6MHz


Spec 16CH Active
Video Frequency respons: DC-6Mhz Conmmon-mode/Differential-mode Rejection:15Khz 6Mhz 60dB typ
Audio/data NO
Power 12VDC
Impedance Coax, male BNC:75ΩUTP(Screwless)Terminal Block or UTP RJ45 Data Connector:100Ω
Wire type One Unshielded Twisted Pair 24-16AWG
(0.5-1.31mm) Per video signal:DC Loop Resistance 52 ohms per 1,000 ft (18 ohms per 100m)
Surge suppression 6000V 1.2μ S x 5μ S
Control Brightness and Sharpness
UTP Port RJ45(1610J Terminal Block)
Dimensions(mm) 432 x 185 x 44
Weigth(g) 2200
Environment Temperature:-10~+50℃
More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
Category Filter Data Hub
Battery/Accu No
Transceivers No
Video inputs No
Video outputs No


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