SDI Tester with multimeter and recordings on SD card

SDI Tester with multimeter and recordings on SD card

Multimeter with TDR and short circuit tester

Multimeter with TDR and short circuit tester

SDI tester with Fiber Optic Power meter

SDI tester with Fiber Optic Power meter and multimeter.
This tester has a SDI input and output as well as a VGA input, The Fiber Optic Power meter ensures that the power of the laser of the Video Fiber Optic transmission equipment can be tested.
Also, this option ensures that the Fiber Optic Patch cord can be tested. 
The multimeter can measure voltage, current, resistance, diode test and continuity test and capacity.

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7 inch HD cctv tester with PoE voltage tester.
This tester includes DVR and NVR testing.
IP cameras can now easily be tested. Ping and addresses scanning is possible here. 
Works on PAL and NTSC. 
Very easy to use because of the touch screen. 
This version has NO HDMI, but VGA input.

It is possible to measure the video signal in the evening. 
Images of videos can be recorded and rewound.
Can also provide a screenshot of the recording. 
Images can zoom in 10 x.

Multiple cables can be tested including the UTP cable.
With PTZ control and pre set settings. 
PRZ data analyst and RS485 communication address scanner.
Also possible to test audio input.

- PoE poort flicker
- PoE link monitor

VGA signal input, very useful when testing DVR/NVR

HD-SDI input and output
BNC input and output 

SD card
It is possible to use an SD card as storage. Including built-in 4G SD card.

7.4V DC 6500mAh lithium polymer battery

DC12V 2A power output of camera
USB 5V 2A power output of mobile phone


- English and other languages

- 7 inch LCD screen, 800*600 resolution, supports also 1920 x 1080, 1080 x 720 resolutions

- HD-SDI input and output

- VGA signaal input, very useful when testing DVR/NVR

- DC12V 2A power output for camera

- USB 5V 2A power output for mobile telephone

- Led lamp, easy to use when it is dark

- Removeable micro SD kaart

- User defined short keys

- Adjusting Brightness/contrast/color of the LCD screen is possible

- Automatically adjusts the display to the format NTSC/PAL

- Adjust Colors of the video channel

- 10x zoom,  images can be enlarged so that the details become visible, easy to use (only for analog video test)

- Video record and rewind (only for analog video test)

- Take snapshots and save as JPG file on the SD card (only for analog video test)

- PING test, IP camera review and other network devices. Ethernet ports testing and the IP address.

- Video signal level test

- PEAK video signal test 

- SYNC signal test

- Color BURST chroma level measurement

- Send specific signal so that the connected cable scan, cable is easy to find

- IP address scan, fast searching of the linked IP camera and other network devices

- PoE voltage measure

- PoE switch voltage to IP cameras/wireless AP devices/PD measuring devices

- Device port flicker, easy to the connected PoE port found

- Link monitor, IP settings can be checked

- PTZ address scan, search of the ID or PTZ camera

- Network cable and telephone cable testing

- Supported RS232/RS485/RS422, rate 600 ~ 115200 bps adjustable

- Multi protocols, more than 30 PTZ protocols including PELCO-P, PELCO-D, Samsung

- PTZ RS485 protocol analyze, check transmission

- Easy to detect defective unit

- PTZ controller, pan tilt zoom in and out, the PTZ unit, focus adjust and changing preset position

- Audio input test, testing audio signals from devices

- Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. Saves energy and may 17 hours


Signal System

NTSC / PAL (Auto-Selecting)


7 inch TFT-LCD Screen


800 x 600 (H x V), support Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1080 x 720

LDC adjust

Adjustable brightness, contrast, color of LCD

SDI Input / Output

1 channel SDI input & 1 channel SDI output

VGA signal input

 1 channel VGA input, receive VGA signal from DVR / NVR. 
Conveniently to test and set DVR / NVR

Video Input / Output

 1 channel BNC input &  1 channel BNC looped output

Video Output Mode


Video Level Test 

Video signals measured in IRE or mV

Power Adapter

 5V DC, 2A input supply

Power Output

12V DC, 2A power output for camera

Audio input 

1 channel Audio input

USB power output

USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone


RS232, RS422 simplex and RS485

Baud Rate

150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps

Power Saving Features

Sleep mode, Battery level indicator

PTZ Address Scanning 

Scan for local PTZ address over date cables

Rechargeable Battery

7 hours charge, work for 17 hours


1 pcs Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. 7.4V DC, 6500mAh

Video Display

Displays video signal from analog input

Video Signal

Color bar generator for monitor testing

UTP Cable Test

Checks connections of UTP cables

PTZ Protocol 

Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, 
Samsung, Panasonic, TeleEye etc.

PTZ data Capture

Reads and displays commands sent from controllers

Image 10x zoom

10x zoom image display and video out


Snapshot and save the image as JPG file and screenshot

Video record 

Video recording and playback from the SD card

Port Flicker

 Find the connected PoE port quickly

IP scan

Find out the connected IP camera or network equipment's IP address

Link monitor

Check the IP address whether is occupied

Ping testing

Network and IP camera'PING testing

PoE testing

PoE voltage testing, PoE port flicker, PoE link monitoring

Night Led

Built Led Lamp

SD Card

Built in 4G Micro SD card, supper Micro SD card for recording

Cable scan

Find out the connected cable in manna messy cables.
Connect one end of the cable to tester and the tester will 
send specific signals, which will enable the blue cable tracker 
to find out the other end of the connected cable quickly and 
easily by making clearly sound

Video level meter

PEAK video signal level, SYNC signal leaven, COLOR BURST 
chroma level measurement


253mm x 176mm x 52mm

Gross Weight


More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 2 year
Tester Filter Digital Multimeter, Optical Power meter
Kind of tester SDI tester


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