SDI CCTV Security camera information

Another big profit will be the data transfer.
Using SDI CCTV full HD images will be transfered lightning fast.
A IP CCTV camera will have troubles sometimes with bad internet connections.
With SDI CCTV all images are in Full HD and smoothly without any noise at all!
Furthermore it will also be possible to zoom in, on recorded movie files.
Now your customer can see, who did what, even when it's not clear.
SDI CCTV will zoom in on the image, without loosing any quality!

If you have a COMPANY, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our products are professional and more suitable for company's.
You will directly have better prices, if you have a valid TAX number.

The benefits of using SDI CCTV:
- Full HD by coax RG59 cable
- Get power just by using coax cable!
- Zoom in on recorded files, to see better view if something is not so clear, without lossing video quality!
- RS485 and OSD control by one single coax cable
- Use a repeater for longer distances, longer than 100meter
- More than 60 frames per second
- Full HD recording on special SDI DVR
- With use of free powerfull CMS software!
- Two way audio communucation, also by using just 1 single coax cable
- Alarm input and HDMI output for use with HDMI monitor
- Cost saving method and a perfect alternative for Full HD quality for affordable prices

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