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Wireless surveillance camera transmitter works on 5.8 GHz

Wireless surveillance camera transmitter works on 5.8 GHz

600meter range wireless transmitter and receiver 800mW!

600meter range wireless transmitter and receiver 800mW!

Powerful wireless 5.8 GHz set for security cameras

Calls with ease through walls, ensures a stable connection and crystal clear image.
Per Set!

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Ideal for dancing, events, or filming at nightclubs where the images on a monitor will be shown wireless and stable.
This wireless transmitter and receiver, operates on the 5.8 GHz frequency.
Most routers and other peripherals works on 2.4 GHz, that is why we have decided not to sell 2.4 GHz transmitters and receivers.
Our customers need to have certainty when a product is purchased, the 2.4 GHz can therefore do not meet our requirements!

The strong audio/video transmitter and receiver supports 7 channels that deliver crystal clear wireless image.
Even through walls and ceilings, but if this is not enough, there is also a possibility to use an external high gain antenna! (See option)
It is not necessary to the antennas of the transmitter and receiver to one another.
By using AV cable, this wireless 5.8 GHz transmitter is also suitable for resources such as a satellite receiver, cable TV, VCD, DVD, LD, VCR, surveillance security camera, camcorder, etc.
And the AV receiver is suitable for use with any audio/video device such as TV, monitor (CRT/TFT/LCD), PC, laptop, etc!
Make these 2 devices on tension and enjoy quiet and stable picture without stripes and disappearance of the images.
This 5.8 GHz wireless transmitter and receiver is not only extremely suitable for CCTV purposes, but also for a great wireless connection to a 2nd TV!

Connect the transmitter to an available scart port of, for example, a UPC decoder and the receiver to a TV.
Set the transmitter and receiver set in on the same channel and everything is ready.
A scart port can be used either as input or output!

- Global 5.8 GHz frequency.
- Possibility to connect an external high reinforcement antenna, if the distance is much greater!
- Wireless audio and video transmission.
- 7 channels-LED display for channel indication.
- Surveillance for home monitoring.
- Pictures of a camcorder, or CCTV security camera, remotely show on a monitor!

-Audio/video transmission
-Simultaneously a 2nd program to watch tv without using cables!
-Local broadcaster of a/v programs for different viewers in different spaces.
-Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo transfer to an active speaker.
-Recording via an external device and connection with receiver.

This powerful 5.8 GHz wireless transmitter and receiver (set) has been developed for public spaces and the signals are therefore not encrypted.
Article SST-JES-Z5800DK, does have a secured wireless connection.
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Warranty 1 year
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