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Movable Wi-Fi HD cloud p2p ip camera with microphone

Movable Wi-Fi HD cloud p2p ip camera with microphone

WI-FI dome security camera 1080p/2mp 3.6mm pt within ipc

WI-FI dome security camera 1080p/2mp 3.6mm pt within ipc

Point to point wifi ip camera HD 720p with app alarm function

This is an ideal point to point wifi ip camera that uses sd card recording. It is also possible to use an app on the smartphone with an alarm sounding when there is movement. With only one click it is possible to see who is doing what and where! The installation is possible without installing software of using a pc. 720 p HD video display/1.3 MP and video image directly through the app without using a router. If you are connected through the app, you can change the settings so you can stream worldwide at any time of the day!

€102.48 Excl. BTW
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Features wifi punt naar punt ip camera HD720p
- SD card recording
- Alarm if motion is detected on smartphone
- Makes Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone and the wifi camera for local video image through the app 
- Connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network by means of SSIDN scan. Only enter a password and it is ready for global view 
- HD video image on laptop by using the CMS software
- Ready for IOS, Android, tablets and pc 
- Movement recording and safeguard to sd card
- Automatically upload pictures to an authorized mailbox
- Watch recorded video's on the sd card or via the app!
- P2P technology for live display without a router

This wifi ip camera can work stand alone or via a smartphone and the app. it is therefore possible to directly stream live without using a router. 

1) Connect the stand alone Wi-Fi ip camera to a socket
2) Install the WORLDCAM app via the cdrom that came with the package
3) Go to the wireless settings of your smartphone and scan for new devices and look for "WIFI CAMERA '
4) Connect to the Wi-Fi camera with the following information:
Name: admin
Password: 0123456789
3) Open the app and click on " ADD" then push the search button
4) The app will find the wifi ip camera on your mobile and now you can see "NETCAM"
5) Click on the gear next to the video image from the Wi-Fi camera. You can also click directly on the video image to see live images.

Example 1
Customer has a horse trailer and want to keep track of his horses while driving.

Example 2
You have a baby that needs a lot of attention and one need to remotely eavesdropping.

Example 3
Place the camera in a room somewhere in your house and see what is happening in another room without using a router.

This wifi ip camera is on sale for a small price, but has many useful features!

Image sensor> HD720p 1/4CMOS
Wireless> Wifi 801.11 b/g/n
Video resolution> 1280x720p
Video storage> SD card maximum 32GB
Supported> IOS, Android, Tablets and PC
Encryption mode> 64/128WEP, WPA, PSK, WPA2PSK, TKIP, AES
Camera resolution> 1.3MP
Software> Suitable to Windows 7

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
IP CCTV camera resolution 1280x720
Total Pixels 1.3 Megapixel
IP camera marks P2P technique, SD card recording, WIFI
IP camera nightview 5 meter nightview
IP Series No
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