Small and compact microphone

Small and compact microphone

Professional Programmable Video Distribution

Professional Programmable Video Distribution

Max 20 analog CCTV security cameras over 1 coaxial/rg59

A money saving multi video transmission system, 1 coaxial cable is sufficient for 20 images.

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multi video cctv system photo preview

Multi Video CCTV System!
The Coax/RG59MBOX transmitter and receiver modulator is designed for professional CCTV systems.
This transmitter and receiver can be mounted in a 19 "server rack.
Based on a 1 cable transmission system and is very suitable for buildings, hotels, schools and other large projects!
Demoduleer each RF signal back to A/V, within a frequency of 45-860 MHz. This RG59 CCTV coaxial cable modulator, not only delivers excellent image quality, but also an easy installation.
This SST-WH-RG59MBOX is for installation companies, very convenient.
With this RG59 multibox is it possible, to transfer images from up to 20 analog CCTV security cameras, a single RG59 coaxial cable to transport.
Ideal for example, if 1 CCTV security camera confirmed and in operation, but the customer would like to have 3 extra security cameras.
Problem is that there are no more, RG59 coax cable can be drawn and the customer would categorically no P25 gutter on the wall.
In these situations it is so ideal, one coax, RG59 video on our multi-splitter box to use.


How does it work?
For each camera's is a transmitter and receiver (is delivered as a set).
The whole principle is based on a TV installation where one can choose channels.
Only now are the no television channels, but CCTV beveiligingcamera's.
Is the desire to 9 surveillance camera to send images, then 9 modulators necessary.
Of course, that these 9 surveillance camera images, should come out in a 9 in 1 output distributor!
Know more? See images below;

expands with new surveillance cameras without cable pull, just use the existing cable

Expand with new surveillance cameras, it is not necessary to pull a new cable, simply use the original cable!

-free from disturbances-no extra cable.
-.Too much cable from one side to the other.
-Convert any security camera as a TV channel.
-Every CCTV camera has a separate transmitter and receiver set needed!
-Excellent transmission to 800 meters.
-Same principle as a television network, each security camera has its own channel.
-Saves time and money!

Photo example how you can send multiple security cameras via a coaxial cable

photo sample 8 cctv security cameras on one coaxial cable for in server

photo sample 8 cctv security cameras on one coaxial cable

Photo preview 16 cctv security cameras on one coax cable

20 analog cctv security surveillance cameras over 1 coaxial rg59 cable image

Global example:

create multiple photo preview kabeltechnisch surveillance cameras over a coaxial cable

mounting plate for 19" cabin
Mounting plates for in a 19 "rack/cabinet.

These RF CCTV solution is most commonly used for:
1.) more security cameras: use the existing cable, utility cable pulling is not necessary.
2.) Distance too large: RF signals reach further than A/V signals.
With amplifier is a distance of 2-3 km, no problem.
3.) signal is blurred or distorted: In some cases the CCTV security camera signal is too weak or is influenced by a source of disturbance.
The Coax/RG59MBOX is ideal for difficulties with cabling, or poor picture.
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