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Professional CCTV Security Camera Installation Worldwide

Installers Discount
If you have an installation company, you are eligible for additional discounts at OnlineCameraShop.NL.
Our SST brand CCTV products are a good price and very competitive with the larger brands.
We do not sell do it yourself products and private label products, only high quality for our installation companies so they can proceed professionally.
Our service is fast and guaranteed, that means fewer burden on your shoulders!
5-year standard warranty and excellent prices, you can discuss the quotations and compare the far lower prices to the competitor.
We also sell absolutely everything in the area of video surveillance systems, malfunctions or solutions, with us the products are always good!

Request account
Send an email with your company information and Chamber of Commerce extract to info@onlinecamerashop.nl.
After receiving your information, we will add you to our system and put your email address in our discounted group!
For your information, our discounts run much higher than 20%!

Additional customers via us!
Electro Technical companies that buy their CCTV camera surveillance system through us, get additional customers via us. If we have a camera installation order in your area, we can give you additional projects if you buy the most products at our web shop. This can be a lot of work, because we don’t install ourselves. We gladly outsource this under our security installers.

CCTV wholesale
We are your wholesale CCTV when it comes to professional CCTV systems, and if you want to buy in large quantities, you can always ask for a quote. 
Because we are a wholesale CCTV, we can offer large discounts compared to others.
We are no box sliders and administer all our CCTV security cameras all by ourselves. 
We have the knowledge of what we sell and can help you quickly and accurately if necessary.

Intra-Community order
Companies from abroad can order from us VAT free.
To use this, you need to create an account and you will receive a confirmation link.
Confirm your email address and go to your address book in your account.
Fill in the field ‘’VAT number’’ your valid VAT number validation with VIES.
If your VAT number is registered in VIES, then you can order tax free directly.