IP CCTV over coaxial RG59

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This extender was developed to each IP, TCP/IP and CCTV security camera or POE 10/100 baseT signal, to send over RG59 coax cable.
The distance can be up to 180 metres are, if you are using RG6U of coax cable.

This IP CCTV security camera converter is completely transparent.
As a result, one is sure that this product will work on all codes and applications.
This ensures compatibility with each different IP, POE security camera and associated management software.
In short this is the solution for sending IP video images and voltage to a different location, also because the distance be longer than 100 meters!

A project with coaxial cable and you want to install IP security cameras?
Choose this solution, to be sure of a direct operated and reliable product!

-sends each IP/TCP/IP security camera or POE each signal over existing coaxial cable.

-Maximum distance up to 180 feet over RG6 75Ω coaxial cable and 125 meters for RG59 coaxial cable.
-Ability to tension over coax, to any IP/POE security camera (DC5V, DC12).
-Support for 10/00 base-T transmission ratio.
-Built-in LED for status indications.
-Cost effective, because new cable installation is not necessary.

Comes complete with transmitter/receiver and DC48V power adapter.


IP Sender

IP Receiver

Data Input /Output


Power, Data

Input /Output

RG6、RG59‧( 75Ω Coaxial Cable )


RG6 - 180M、RG59 - 125M ( MAX )

DC Input /DC Output

Input:Adapter DC48V (0.83A)

Output:DC 5V (1.3A),DC 12V (0.8A)

DC Input /POE Output

Input:Adapter DC48V (0.83A)

Output:POE 48V (11W)

POE Input /DC Output

Input:POE 48V (12.95W)

Output:DC 5V (1.3A),DC 12V (0.8A)

POE Input /POE Output

Input:POE 48V (12.95W)

Output:POE 48V (8.5W)





130 x 67 x 27 ( mm )

117 x 75 x 33 ( mm )

Weight (G)

220 ( g )

320 ( g )

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Warranty1 year
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