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Information category CCTV

But there are still several variants CCTV for sale and this can be useful for some customers.
A few more examples of the CCTV systems that we offer.
-CCTV hidden in PIR
-CCTV hidden in smoke detector
-CCTV hidden in mirror
-CCTV in pinhole camera

5 years SST CCTV warranty
We offer 5 years CCTV guaranteed without any extra charge.

You don't have to pay any extra money for increasing the guarantee for example 2 years to 5 years.
We see this as a form of scam and we never will do this! 

CCTV variants
Our factory hand made SST cameras and is made with care and attention.

That's why we offer 5 years warranty on all SST CCTV systems, because we know that these camera's are indestructible.
And specially for our customers we choose the best CCTV variant choice.
Example if the factory sells 2 types of CCTV cameras, Sony Super HAD and Sony Effio.
We always choose for the Sony Effio CCTV camera because that camera has a 100 x prettier picture than a Super HAD.
The difference in price for these CCTV cameras is usually a few euros more expensive.
We see sometimes that companies offer both camera's for a lot of money. They pay too much for the Sony Effio.
That's really not necessary, please contact us for honest advice!