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Professional cctv camera for industry, ports, marine and helicopters

Professional cctv camera for industry, ports, marine and helicopters

Industrial CCTV vandalproof High Speed PTZ security camera

Shockproof, vandalproof, erode and waterproof. Sony day night module and whiper!

€4,500.00 Excl. BTW
Delivery within 3-7 days
SST-MIN-TUV90A Series shock-proof integrated high speed camera is designed to be resistant to impact from stones, bricks, even short gun bullets. 
It is ideal for high security and hazardous environments applications, such as: vehicle tracking(option), prison, navy, military, seafronts, harbors, marine, embassy, police vehicles, armored vehicles, airports, high crime area, government research labs and so on.

Unique Features:
*          The body is made from 5mm-15mm al-alloy material, firm and airproof.
*          Flat designed optical window uses 5mm toughened glass, can prevent distorted images with greatest extend and protect the built-in integrated camera.
*          IP67 waterproof design standard.
*          3600 continuous pan rotation; while 1250 for tilt rotation.
*          Multi installation modes:  UP,DOWN, UP30degree selectable.
Other Feature:
*          Stepper motor with gearbox, stable operation, accurate position and quick responds
*          Manual Control Speed for Pan: 0.1º-90º/sec
*          Manual Control Speed for Tilt: 0.1º-40º/sec
*          Preset Speed: 90º/sec for pan; 40º/sec for tilt.
*          Variable pan auto scan speed: 1º-40º/sec available
*          Variable Apple peel scan speed: 1º-40º/sec for pan; 1º-20º/sec for tilt
*          One pairs of IR lamps available, more than 100meters of IR distance

Camera Features:

*          Built in high resolution and variable high zoom camera module
*          Black Light Compensation function
*          Selectable Color or B&W image function
*          Wide Dynamic Video function
*          Image Stabilizer function
*          Privacy mask funcion, can support up to 24 privacy zones
*          Video Freeze function for high speed presets
Built in decoder features:

*          Integrated multi decoder controller: PELCO P/D protocols
*          Can make soft address and hard address setting
*          Chinese/English OSD menu to set the camera and pan tilt function
*          Environment checking function, check the inside temperature real time; Will automatically open the fans once the inside temperature exceed the setting limit value.
*          Powering on self-restoring function: users can assign the camera movement after powering on.
*          Change speed proportionally function: Pan/tilt speed and the depth of zoom lens decline proportionally and continuously
*          The Pan/tilt orientation displays and camera zoom displays variably. Data feedbacks the PTZ orientation.
*          With pan auto scan function, the pitching angle can be set
*          Virtual home position can be set
*          With apply peel scan function
*          2 pattern function
*          4 presets tour function, dwell time can be set
*          255 preset positions with precision error less than ± 0.10
*          5 channels fixed time auto activate function, to run the preset movements
*          3 modes to control the wiper function
*          Camera orientation display function(N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW total 8 orientations)
*          2 alarms input, 1 AUX output
OSD Menu Features:
*          Built-in Chinese/English menu, easy to switch menu between 2 languags
*          With OSD passport protect function
*          Support Chinese/English input, can edit title of the user name, camera position and preset position
*           Can set, run, clear presets, preset tours, privacy zone by menu
*          Inside temperature and pan tilt orientation information display

Protect Features:
*          Embed in surge and lightning protector
*          Meeting IP66 standards, CE,ROHS, FCC standards
Mechanical Structure:
*          Al-alloy housing
*          High strength optical window uses toughened coated glass, of 5mm thickness.
*          Weight:10KG
Electrical index:
Input Voltate    18VAV--24VAC/18VDC—24VDC
Input Power      45W(without IR)
65W(with IR)
Working Temperature: -40ºC ~ +55ºC

Pan Tilt Features:
Manual Control Speed:
0.1º-90º/sec for pan
0.1º-40º/sec for tilt
Preset Target Speed:
90º/sec for pan
40º/sec for tilt
Auto Speed Speed:  1º-40º/sec can be set
3 Scan Modes:Auto/Apply Peel scan/preset tours
Pan Rotation:  360ºcontinous rotation
Tilt Rotation:    125º
Vehicle System, Vessel System, hazardous enviroment, Border Defence, Seafront Defence etc. high end surveillance
Selectable Accessories:

Control Keyboards:
SST-MIN-VUV100-KBD    Complete function desk keyboard; “P”protocol, 4800 baud rate; RJ-45 interface.
SST-MIN-RUV900-KBD    Complete function desk keyboard; “P”&“D”prototols; LCD display menu, three dimensional joystick; Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600; RJ-45 interface.
Power supply adaptor
SST-MINNUV-PB24/230, AC230V input, AC24V,2.5A output; outdoor installation;
SST-MIN-YUV-PB24/120, AC120V input,AC24V,2.5A output;outdoor installation;
Install Brackets
SST-MIN-HUV-BM190     Install Pedestal
SST-MIN-OUV-SM190A   Install Tray
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Brand SST
Warranty 5 year
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