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AHD balun for video and voltage by UTP 300meter

AHD balun for video and voltage by UTP 300meter

Budget balun for video image over utp/cat5 cable

Budget balun for video image over utp/cat5 cable

HDMI to BNC transmission system

HDMI to BNC converter for professional use.
Most AHD DVR reorders are without a BNC video output, HDMI to BNC converter to use this for example to be able to use a monitor that is connected via coax cable in another room.

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Transport HDMI images via coaxial cable instead of HDMI cable.
The coaxial cable between the transmitter and receiver should not be longer than 100 metres.
Advantage is that now no longer have to replace coaxial cables for HDMI cable.
Like most professionals of us already know, are the new AHD recorders no longer equipped with a BNC output, with the exception of the elite AHD recorders of SST, which are still available with a BNC video output.

- send HDMI signals over coaxial cable up to 100 metres with a maximum resolution of 1080 p
- Supports NTSC, PAL, 720 p, 1080i and 1080p
- optionally available with special receiver to daisy chain multiple monitors
- Supported HDMI version 7.1

One obtains the best result by using rg59 coaxial cable.
Resistance value should be 75 Ohm, at low quality cables one can experience problems such as videosognalen and also has effect on a falling-off in the distance and reliability. Rg58 is therefore not suitable for this HDMI to BNC converter.

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Warranty 3 year
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