HDCVI dome security camera IP66/1080P and 2.1MP

HDCVI dome security camera IP66/1080P and 2.1MP

HDCVI vandal proof cctv security camera 720p

Vandalproof HDCVI cctv security camera, 720p and 2.8-12mm varifocal lens.
High definition video image, with icr and 30 ft night vision Aptina cmos megapixel sensor.

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HDCVI CCTV security camera features
- Vandalproof design for outdoor use
- 1.3 mp/720 p HD real time image display and recording
- 30 infrared led's for 30 meters night vision
- 2.8-12mm lens for a viewing angle of 28-101 degrees
- 1/3 "AR0130 + DH9801 + FH8521
- Aptina cmos sensor 3D dnr noise reduction technology
- HDCVI bnc output
- Adjustable white balance via OSD menu
- OSD menu operation via coax cable
- Equipped with day/night icr filter
- Features Mirrored/camera id/dynamic detection/privacy masking method/rs485 connection
- Transmission distance from hdcvi camera, to cvi recorder via coaxial cable, up to 500 meters!
- HD 720p image via analog technique and thus no ip system!
- Smooth image display over the network without delays
- Cheaper than SDI and IPC
- 5 years SST quality guarantee

Extremely low light sensitive HDCVI
This camera will not switch directly to black/white image, in low light.
The chipset of this HDCVI security camera, is extra sensitive to light and will therefore deliver color image, even if there is very little light present!

1.3 mp/720 p resolution
This security camera is equipped with a Aptina HDCVI cmos sensor, with 1280x960p effective pixels.

0 lux for black/white and color image using infrared led display in daylight.
30 ir leds combine to create a night vision of over 30 meters.

This HDCVI security camera comes with a 2.8-12 mm fixed megapixel lens.

Viewing angle
More than 28-101 degrees.

OSD control
By coaxial cable.

ICR filter technology for super nice image during the day and at night!

Extensive features
This HDCVI security camera. has extensive features, to make a project easier.
Some features are, mirror function, dynamic detection, camera id, private shared masking, rs485, system information, etc.

Guaranteed high quality video transmission via coaxial cable.
HDCVI avoids the interference of high frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation.
This by using low frequency-modulation technology, so HDCVI even in strong interference areas can offer a high video quality.

Long-distance transmission
SDI is able to display 720p and 1080p resolutions&via coaxial cable to a length of up to 100 meters.
HDCVI can reach distances up to 500 meters, with no loss in quality and guaranteed a very low signal distortion.

Low cost
If you have an outdated cctv system, then it is possible, in order to replace this for an extremely affordable price for a HDCVI system.
Replace only the cctv security cameras and dvr recorder for a HDCVI camera installation!

More Information
Brand SST
Warranty 5 year
HDCVI camera filter Metal housing, 720p, 1.3mp, 2.8-12mm, IP66, 30m nightview, Vandalproof
HDCVI recorder No
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