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HD 1080p camera system complete package

HD 1080p camera system complete package

Complete video system set with 4 bullet FHD security cameras

Complete video system set with 4 bullet FHD security cameras

HD video observation and recording set do it yourself

Video observation set with HD recording and playback in real time, hdcvi system for analog HD.
No network cable but coax cable, do it yourself complete package, with varifocal dome HD security cameras.

€699.00 Excl. BTW
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Characteristics hdcvi camera system
-4 channels 1080 p full hdcvi real-time camera system with 1U smart CVR
-264 double stream video compression
-HDMI and VGA output and simultaneous use
-4 channels synchronized playback, grid interface and smart search
-Multiple network monitor system, webviewer, cms and smartphone
-1/2.7 "2MP CMOS sensor
-2.8-12mm fixed lens camera
-30 meter night vision
-HDCVI video output
-P2P cloud recorder playback on mobile without forwarding ports

Start the same day with HD recording
For a super-low price, you can now buy all these HDcvi set with beautifully sharp images in 1080 p.
Everything in real time without any hitch, a thoroughly complete cvi camera system, in order to start tomorrow with installing your video observation set.

Yes as you can read before you buy a Full HD 1080 p camera system, we guarantee so that recognizable faces both during the day and at night and also reading off license plates at recorded images are no problem.

example 1080p HD 

Above you see an example of the sharpness, you buy a 1080 p set!

How long can the cables be?
It is possible to up to 500 metres per hdcvi camera rg59 coaxial cable to use without amplifiers. Is the standard cable of 15 m which comes too short? No worries! Buy rg59 coaxial cable on reel, or per x number of meters.

How do I mount the dome security cameras?
A camera system with domes, or dome cameras can easily be mounted to a wall, or ceiling. This may be vertical, or horizontal and all corners are possible thanks to the eyeball design.

The gray or white dome security cameras, are equipped with a metal case and ip66 weather-proof. These can therefore be used outdoors, or, thanks to the small size, this hardly on.

Fixed lens of 2.8-12mm
The fixed lens 2.8-12mm, ensures a super sharp viewing angle of more than 120 degrees!

example 3.6mm lens

Above you see an example of the differences in lenses, this is a camera system with 2.8-12mm domes!

CVI camera recorder
The recorder from this set is equipped with 4 bnc connectors, for a strong and stable turn connection. One can also watch live in 2 minutes with the smartphone, without any sense of gates. The professional app iDMSS and gDMSS provide a reliable connection it is even possible to view images, back a few weeks ago, just using the smarthone app! The menu of the recorder is further extended with full of settings, for example, assign a channel per user, ftp, email alarm set alarm function, only record at movement, buzzer activation at hard disk errors, sabotage and much more! In addition to live look over the shoulder of the smartphone, is a tablet, pc, or laptop use also possible. Operating the menu is even easier, use the mouse or remote control, advice is to use the mouse that works then just like on a computer. Make backups of recorded images can also remotely or locally through a usb stick. With the Professional client software, an administrator can access all his recorders worldwide and checks.

How long can i record?
With the standard 1 TB sata hard disk can take about 7 days continuous recording. If the recorder is set to, only record at movement, then it is also much longer recording time. How long this is, depends on the hustle and bustle that each camera, this can be quite long. Would you just be sure 1 month continuous shooting back want to see? Then buy a hard disk with more recording capacity.

1 cable for video and power
This camera system comes with combi-coax cables, 1 kabek is good example and tension, advantage is that all surveillance cameras are fed from a central point, usually where the recorder. It is not necessary, to a security camera near an electrical outlet. Where the competitor sends a set where you need 5 Sockets, this enough to 1 outlet!

How far is the nightview
The automatic infrared leds provide a super bright clear digital night vision of over 30 meters! Here, we use the unique ICR filter technology, this allows during the day and at night for live images and really nice contrasts.

Can i view a demo movie?
Below we have a demo movie of youtube where you can see how sharp the picture quality is. Faces, lyrics, money etc is all clear in picture and also recordings are all real time without buffer methods! Real time also ensures smooth image transfer to smartphones, no shocking, or still images!

- 4x grey dome hdcvi camera's 1080p
- 1x HDCVI recorder with 4 bnc connections and lan
- 4x 15m rg59 video and power cable
- 1x 12V 5A one adapter for all
- Mouse, manual etc

It is obligatory to use a monitor?
Of course, that is not mandatory, but is handy! Because if you connect a monitor directly on a camera receiver, you can also directly all images look back and adjust settings. Can also be useful to a monitor in the bedroom so that you can watch live. But as stated before is a monitor not required, since you can use a single computer screen with VGA, or another screen with HDMI connection. After setting the network information, you can via any pc on your network access the recorder and view images, make backups and settings.

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
HDCVI kit filter 1080p, Pack with 4 HD cams


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