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Full HD weatherproof bullet security camera set 1080p

Full HD weatherproof bullet security camera set 1080p

1080p AHD surveillance camera set, varifocal lens, 40m night vision

1080p AHD surveillance camera set, varifocal lens, 40m night vision

HD 720p security camera set with varifocal 2.8-12mm lens

AHD HD security camera set, 720p resolution.
The bullet security cameras have varifocal lens of 2.8-12 mm.
The surveillance camera have IR LEDs, these allow for 40 meters night vision.

€360.00 Excl. BTW
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What type of security camera is included?
This complete HD 720 p set comes with standard 1 x bullet security camera for outdoor use.
This bullet security camera has a video resolution of 1280x720p and is therefore perfect for HD playback, to good and clear to be able to recognize faces.
The HD dome security camera is a AHD security camera and is fully weatherproof.

Night vision
This bullet security camera has 48 IR leds.
The range of these leds is 40 meters. 

Viewing angle
A 2.8-12mm  lens has a viewing angle between 28 ~101°. 

Which recorder do I receive with this set?
This complete HD 720 p AHD set comes with a 4 channel AHD recorder with a video output 1280x720p and is therefore perfectly suited to the AHD security camera. Therefore, there can be up to 4 AHD security cameras with a resolution of 720 p.
Note: a 1080 p AHD security camera does not work on a 720 p AHD recorder!

P2P cloud AHD recorder 
The AHD DVR recorder in this set features p2p cloud port setting, this is tremendously useful for customers who have no experience with setting up ports in the router. This AHD recorder is so developed, that at the time a LAN cable is connected with the recorder and P2P is active, then get the recorder without saying all the information from the router assigned and remotely via a mobile device to view live images, all this without to forward ports!
Downside is that there is a small delay is, at the time that one via the cloud images streams, this is because the data is sent first by various cloud servers.
Of course it is also possible to deactivate the cloud and immediately log in to your own WAN ip address.
The images will then be transferred much faster and smoother.
We help our customers here, if you want to set ports, but do not know how, make an appointment with us and we help you for free.
The recorder is equipped with a private bar code and is to scan with the app.

Automatic HDD formatting 
This AHD recorder has a useful feature, to hard disk data format automatically after a few days.

Network and backup 
The recorder comes with software for the PC and laptop.
This one can all recorders all over the world and view images, or set up the recorder remote.
Also one can make backups over the network on remote access and all the backups directly transferred to your own PC hard disk.
But one can also be a USB stick into the USB input of the recorder places and direct local backups.

What app do I download for the IPhone and Android?
Both mobile devices use XMEYE if app. This app is completely free of advertising and still free to use.

Hard disk
This set comes standard with a 1 TB HDD and is more than enough for 2 weeks recording at only movement and not constant.
The recorder can be up to 3 TB storage, would you like extra memory, choose a larger hard disk for a small extra charge and we build it directly for you.

This AHD recorder can also send an email if there are movements.
These are then directly forwarded to the preset email account.

Cheap but reliable!
This set is cheap, but still extremely reliable.
We have been thoroughly tested and is good enough for sale by Online Camera Shop!

This set comes with 3 years warranty on security cameras and recorder.
Hard disk and power supplies come with a 2 year warranty.
Should a product fail within the warranty period, we will make sure that asap is refreshed.

View the datasheet of the recorder and the AHD security camera for all technical aspects.

What do I get for all the standard price?
1 x 4ch AHD recorder 
1 x 1 TB sata harddisk in advance built-in (optional expandable to 3 TB) 
1 x HD 720 p bullet outdoor security camera (certificate optional to expand with 3 extra AHD security cameras) 
1 x 20 m coax cable power supply and image in 1 (can be extended) 
1 x power supply for the security camera 
1 x divide plug, only if you have multiple cameras ordered

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
Resolution 720P
QTY CCTV camera's 1 CCTV security camera
Camera design Bullet - Cylinder
Video Output BNC
AHD recorder connections 4 BNC connections
Mega Pixel 1 MP


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