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External microphone for security camera ceiling model

External microphone for security camera ceiling model

3 way audio and video switch/splitter

3 way audio and video switch/splitter

External microphone for security camera desk type

Desktop model:
with built-in amplifier, no more fumbling for loose cables and amplification for audio sound.
Crystal clear sound!
We have several microphones tested and this is just perfect!
That is why we sell this version external ceiling model microphone, for a cctv security camera.

€49.65 Excl. BTW
In stock shipping in 24 hours

Audio integrated circuit, with advanced sound reinforcement and AGC functions with dynamic design.
High sensitivity, long range sound reinforcement, crystal clear sound, very high reliability, transmission distance and listening area larger than 150 square meters!
Unique noise reduction circuit design, effective noise filter technique and tone correction for a much better and realistic audio recording.

AGC circuit built-in sound improvement function.
Reliable for several large agencies and companies!

Key points:
-for indoor use only.
-Japanese imported silver microphone.
-10 up to 150 metres in reinforcement area, high sensitivity and low noise.
-Built-in self reinforcement mechanism, AGC procession technique to effectively prevent sound distortion.
-Unique to the logic of full Dolby surround standard design, built-in high speed geluidsverwerkings units, with 2 dynamic noise filters!
-Built-in protection against lightning, excessive voltage, or reverse polarity.
-Built-in professional preamp.
-Direct drive active speaker, ideal for CCTV.
-Long-distance transmission technique by using RVVP3 x 0.5 mm² shielded cable, up to 3000 metres noise free transfer!

- distance: 10-150 m²-
sensitivity:-43dB 1000 Hz
-S/N: Max 65 Dynamic
-Voltage: 9 ~ 12VDC, 25mA (max)-Connections: RCA for audio and DC female for tension
-Adjust Sensitivity: adjustable sensitivity level
-dimension: 75x23mm

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 1 year
Category Filter CCTV Microphones
Battery/Accu No
Transceivers No
Video inputs No
Video outputs No
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