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Digital transmitter and receiver for security camera

Digital transmitter and receiver for security camera

Digital 2.4GHz wireless sender and receiver set

The digital AV sender is designed at 2.4GHz via hopping mode.
Different from traditional analog solution, this wireless device provides signal encryption to protect your privacy and avoid any interference from other wireless devices. CCTV camera, Satellite receiver, Set-Top-Box, DVD,BD …. and any other AV device is available.

€206.61 Excl. BTW
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With the latest REAL TIME hopping mode wireless connection technology.
Guaranteed privacy safe and a non disturbing connection, in any way.

Use this digital wireless transmitter and receiver, to sent wireless audio and video images.
Does not interfere on existing routers, or other wireless available sources.

Automatic detection function, pairs of transmitter and receiver goes through unique identifier.

This digital wireless 2.4 transmitter and receiver is intended, to an analog security camera wirelessly.
But is also suitable in combination with:

* Satellite
* DVD player
* Decoder
* StereThe connections on this wireless transmitter and receiver are BNC.
Your device must have an RCA Jack, use a RCA to BNC connector.

Long distance transmission, up to 100 meters in open.
The digital 2.4 GHz signal penetrates easily by very thick walls, making it ideal for a bunker.

All advantages at a glance:
1) guaranteed 100% stable picture, otherwise money back!
2) maximum distance by using an antenna amplifier.
3) interference free and encrypted, so the neighbors not eavesdropping.
4) car clutch via the unique ID 5) high resolution support and real time wireless image with audio 6) worldwide NTSC/PAL recognition 7) Simple installation and setup 8) Use an analog security camera, wireless with this 2.4 GHz Digital set 9) extends much further and bothers not relevant, at longer distances!
10) easy to extend so that it can grow in a company 11) Real time image, but also audio sound transmission

1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver
1 x adapter set price
1 x user manual

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 1 year


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