Bullet security camera hdcvi full set complete with Dahua dvr

Bullet security camera hdcvi full set complete with Dahua dvr

GTSv2 ready made domed HDCVI 720p camera system

GTSv2 ready made domed HDCVI 720p camera system

CVI system complete dome camera surveillance set

Hdcvi this is a set with a Dahua recorder and oem surveillance cameras HD playback and recording for a super competitive price.
Save huge on cost and buy a reliable oem cvi camera, much cheaper than a cvi security camera with Dahua logo.
The cvi cameras can be used inside and outside and are equipped with infrared night vision.

€375.00 Excl. BTW
Delivery within 48 hours

Set attributes
-4x Dome cvi surveillance cameras oem 720 p/1mp
-1x original Dahua cvi recorder type HCVR5104C-S3/realtime, 720p 1080p not real time

The set for anyone who does not want to pay too much money, but in HD. guaranteed no missing person images!

Characteristics CVI complete system
-HD 720 p real time display and recording 1080 p not realtime
-Dahua HCVR5104C type-S3-OEM cvi NVR surveillance cameras
-weatherproof suitable for indoor and outdoor use-night vision up to 20 meter
-Smartphone ready live view on Iphone and Android (also tablets)
-Dahua CVI recorder is suitable for analog, ip and cvi security camera's
-h.264 compression-also possible to image and to send via utp cable tension

Smartphone ready
Connect the HDCVI recorder of Dahua to a router, download the app and see real time images anywhere in the world. Download gDMSS for Android or the iDMSS for Iphone right now and test it for yourself!

Display without difficult port settings
No understanding of ports?
Not to worry, the CVI decoder is equipped with p2p cloud technology to connect through the unique barcode.
Scan the code, enter username and password for real time viewing on your mobile phone.

HD recorder
The recorder from this set include quality real time 720p and 1080p not real time.
There is hardly any difference between the is and is not real time versions.

Full automatic settings
The supplied hdcvi security cameras are equipped with auto picture setting.
The cvi cameras will at any time of the dg good image, regardless of a lot of sunlight, or low light. There is no need to adjust settings, this is car osd.

Camera mount
Because the dome cvi surveillance cameras equipped with are of a ball shape design.
can this dome cvi 720p HD security camera be placed virtually anywhere. Vertical or horizontal, wall or ceiling is a colourful, modern design l gene.

All 4 bnc inputs of the CVI recorder feature 720 p realtime playback and recording. It is also possible to the recorder to switch to 1080 p not riot time recording and playback. The recordings and playback live images will be much sharper. You will hardly notice differences in the delay in not real time.

It is no more unique that most CVI recorders equipped with meaning of Tribrid technology, this is already an outdated technology. But even these cvi recorder of Dahua can be connected to analog cctv cameras, cvi surveillance cameras and ip cameras.

Much, much cheaper than a set of Dahua surveillance cameras
Because in this set uses OEM CVI surveillance cameras instead of Dahua surveillance cameras is this set a lot and much cheaper than a set of Dahua camera logo. There is no difference in the quality of the images, whether we are a Dahua or OEM security camera testing.

In short
You do not have to worry that the quality is not good enough. After all, you buy a set of Online Camera Shop and we guarantee service as it should be.

Package includes
4 x oem weatherproof 720 p Dome surveillance cameras
1 x Dahua NVR recorder type HCVR5104C-S3
4 x 20 meter connection cable (read down if the cable was too short)
1 x power adapter
1 x 1 TB SATA HDD and Coupler for over 9 days and longer recording constant motion-detection (optional expand)

Extend cable?
Is the cable too short? Then you don't have to throw away the cable directly, you can easily extend the existing 20 meter cable without shrink work. 1) buy a rg59 extension cable for this camera system 2) then another bnc female to female coupler to the 2 coaxial bnc ends connect with each other

View a demo example below before you are going to buy this set.

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
HDCVI kit filter 720p, 1,2,3, or 4 HD camera's
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