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1000TVL HD security camera set 3x dome with 960H DVR

1000TVL HD security camera set 3x dome with 960H DVR

CCTV complete surveillance set, 1200 TVL, 960H recorder

CCTV complete surveillance set, 1200 TVL, 960H recorder

Complete 4 x 1000TVL HD 720p dome video security package

Complete HD 720p analog video security system with 4 weatherproof 1000TVL Sony cmos cctv security cameras.
No IP system therefore no delay in a network and therefore better suited to the slower internet connections.
Set up router ports never fully UPnP ready which will be required.
This is an ideal combination package complete with 100 ft coaxial cable on reels, or customized per cctv security camera.

€720.00 Excl. BTW
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This complete 1000TVL security camera set is compiled by us.
Below is a small list of the advantages of this camera package:
> 1 x 100 ft coaxial cable on role
> HD image display thanks to the 960H recorder and so 300% better than a D1 or CIF DVR
> Set complete with 4 weatherproof cctv cameras and metal casing in matte white
> Surveillance cameras can realize all possible angles for a top view
> 1000TVL UTC technology for the cctv camera and super convenient to remotely set the OSD menu
> Recorder with P2P cloud technology so customers can watch live without forwarding ports
> Free 1 TB sata harddisk in advance built in, formatted with final inspection
> Surveillance cameras with low light sensor

Which recorder I receive with this complete 1000TVL cctv set?
In this set you will receive this 960H recorder equipped with p2p cloud technology.

1000TVL security camera information
In this set you will receive this 1000TVL Sony cmos HD analog surveillance cameras

Install OSD menu
This 1000TVL security camera set with 2 cctv cameras ships with a utc control part.
This makes it possible to use the coax cable to set the menu of the surveillance cameras.
These include contrast, lens, blc and other super convenient settings for a security image to wish!

Indicate or extend cable length
At this camera security set you will receive as many as 100 ft coaxial cable on a reel.
You may request only via the text field above if you want the reel without connectors, or that we tailor-make the cable 4 x.
Then enter in the text field by security camera the sizes, so that we can cut the 100 meter cable.
1x 60 meters 
2x 10 meters
1x 20 meters
A total of 100 metres (not exceeding) and all sizes you can enter in the text box at the top.
Would you prefer a 100 ft coaxial cable, then fill role in "customization is not necessary".
If this is too short, you can extend this simply through an additional cable to buy.
Needed: costum made coax cable and a bnc female to female coupler, this way you can connect 2 different cables. 
Please notice that you have the correct side of the cable for the camera, because only the male side of the power plug fits on the security camera.

1000TVL complete content security camera set
960H DVR
- 4x 1000TVL Sony security camera's
- 100 ft coaxial on a roll video and power cord (optional on custom made)
- UTC control panel
- 1 TB sata hard disk formatted with built-in in advance and final inspection
- CD rom with software & manual for DVR recorder
- Remote control
- Manual for the 1000TVL surveillance cameras
- Adapter for the surveillance cameras and recorder
Divide plug for the surveillance cameras

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 2 year
QTY CCTV camera's 4 CCTV security cameras
Security camera set marks 1000TVL, Type cable coax RG59, P2P Cloud, 960H recorder, Active-X License, UTC technologie
Weatherproof? Yes
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