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Budget Full HD 1080p recorder for 4 surveillance cameras h.264 and Xmeye

Budget Full HD 1080p recorder for 4 surveillance cameras h.264 and Xmeye

Cheapest Full HD XMEYE Digital hard disk recorder 16x bnc

Cheapest Full HD XMEYE Digital hard disk recorder 16x bnc

Budget cctv camera video recorder Full HD analogue and AHD 8 connections

This h.264 dvr video recorder is suitable for analog and ahd cctv cameras.
There are 8 bnc connectors present and capable of full hd 1080 p digital ahd surveillance cameras and also all old analog surveillance cameras.

€159.00 Excl. BTW
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Features Full HD AHD DVR
-8 bnc inputs suitable for ahd, IP and analog security cameras
-All channels real time recording in 1080 p resolution
-4 audio connections
-RS485 for connect a VGA and HDMI connection
-speeddome-3 g and WI-FI connection to internet without cable but via dongle
-full control of the menu via the mouse or remote control
-h.264 video compression
-AHD/NVR and DVR in 1-Supported multi mode circuits
-suitable for 720 p and 1080 p, 960 p AHD and all other analog surveillance cameras
-Onvif effortlessly takes all ready ONVIF IP cameras over
-P2P cloud support for world view without setting up ports in the router!
-Up to 4 TB sata HDD allowed
-XMEYE professional and ad
-free application for mobile phone!

Now no 720p or 960p, but 1080p full hd playback and recording
This budget version full hd recorder is suitable, for all analog surveillance cameras to date and of the past. Also one can use 1080 p AHD security cameras. There is no channel restriction whereby the user randomly a bnc input can use, regardless of whether it is an analog, or AHD security camera is.

Digital image and recording
This is a digital video recorder for recording images of an analog or ahd security camera. All images are stored on a hard disk, one can choose how large the hard disk. By default, there is no hard disk present, because not everyone needs a hard drive.

Motion detection and schedule recording
Recording on motion or on certain days and hours, anything is possible with this professional budget h.264 AHD dvr recorder system.

Populair XMEYE app
This recorder uses the most popular XMEYE app, to worldwide to view live images using a tablet or smartphone. Now download the XMEYE app from the app store and test it for yourself! See for yourself the many possibilities, including recorded images on the hard disk back see through the smartphone!

Is a monitor important?
Basically, but for many other customers is a monitor handy to have. View all our cctv monitors. It is possible to connect a single hdmi or vga screen on the recorder and all network to fill in information. Then it is possible, to the recorder access it via any pc on your network, this can also be a tablet or laptop. View images, pictures and change settings is possible via a PC/laptop. There is also cms software to install on a PC, but one can also use internet explorer, to view the images and settings. It is even possible to connect through the unique serial number, making p2p network set up information is redundant.

P2P cloud function
No understanding of router ports? Use the p2p cloud feature to live through the smartphone without assigning ports in a router! (portforwarding) Via the XMEYE app, you can also directly search the recorder in the network, if it is connected to the router. Super convenient to quickly join and in no time to connect to a mobile device. If the p2p do not work, just check in your router or UPnP is enabled.

Also in use and should be taken over a speeddome?
Use the rs485 connection to all speeddomes controlled via the menu of the recorder, or with a control part for movable ptz camera.

Connect a camera surveillance microphone to the rca connection, for the recording and playback of audio sounds. There are 4 audio inputs and 1 output for example, a speaker. 

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
AHD recorder connections 8 BNC connections
AHD DVR resolution 1080p
AHD DVR Features Smartphone ready, Multibrowser, RS speeddome connection
Video Output HDMI, VGA
AHD Audio 4x RCA in/1 out
Hybride technology Analogue, AHD and IP
Port forwarding Auto p2p
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