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Amphibian WI-FI 4WD robot with PTZ camera water resistant

WI-FI amphibious robot vehicle with 4 wheel drive and water resistant including with 4 surveillance cameras including PTZ. Professional software and strong quality from America, with video server and 2 way audio.

€8,500.00 Excl. BTW
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This is the SDR robot from America, so no Chinese quality where the robot suddenly drives on 3 wheels. It is suitable for all terrains and uses WIFI to connect and to view images and of course driving the robot. This is the amphibian version and thus completely water resistant, obstacles are no problem for this robot. He is fully assembled and programming for professional use and is therefore not a toy! This amphibious robot car can drive on land, but also on water, if the water is too deep, the amphibious robot will float on water and would never sink.

With 4 cameras including 1 ptz mobile camera, this amphibious vehicle can see everything you want to see. All cameras are also equipped with night vision and the ptz camera has 10 x analog zoom, 2 fixed cameras on the front and back of the chassis with infrared night vision and a special camera for perspective view on steering. The robot is controlled via WI-FI with a laptop with Wi-Fi Internet access.

The Wi-Fi controlled IG42 amphibious ATR includes the robot program, gamepad controller, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Bridge converter and control board. The station, the camera selection, and the pan and tilt functions are all checked as part of the operating system, so you can drive away and the camera with the supplied gamepad controller or with your mouse and keyboard control. If you've set up your router with port forwarding, you can manage and control your robot from any location with internet access with your program. VB.NET 2010 an application is provided.

The robot itself is a very robust well built robot. The wheels are shaft mounted and are supported using sealed ball bearings. This is a robust frame, made of 1/8 "thick aluminum and includes our IG42 gear motors. The aluminum is all cut using CNC Plasma table for an exact fit and then hand-welded.

Completely handmade

From a to z is this robot entirely made by hand without the use of machines. To build this robot takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

As configured, it has a ground clearance of about 3.1 "The standard motors drive this robot up to 60 meters per minute. It includes the Wi-Fi Custom Control Interface package. Powered by (2) K2 12V 10Ahr LiFePO4 batteries (with charger). Good for 1 to 4 hours for a full charged battery.

Remote control, compact and light weight and super fast control from any location convenient for emergency rooms. Surveillance on the 360 degree panning away, and 90 degree tilt camera with 10 x zoom is remote controlled. Access to hard-to-reach areas, the 4WD robot has the ability to overcome many obstacles without stopping itself on water.

Standard configuration
The robot comes with the following standard configuration, please contact us for customization and modifications.
Chassis: Amphibian ATR hand brazed aluminum base for 42 mm IG42 engines
Maximum load: 12 kg not in water!
- Motor: IG42 24VDC 78 RPM Gear Motor
- Dome camera: 360 degrees pan, tilt 90 degrees, 10 x optical zoom
- 3 perspective cameras
- Video processor: Digital color Quad Processor with which you can switch between different camera feeds.
- Video server: Etrovision EV3151A Video Server with 2-Way Audio
- Batteries: K2 12.8V LiFePO4 Battery Pack 9.6Ahr
- Interface: WiFi Custom Control Interface Package
- Weight: 18kg
- Dimensions: 23.7" wide x 32.4" long x 18.1" height

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Warranty 2 year
Robot filter WIFI robot camera, AMPHIBIOUS robot
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