Alarm security systems

At OnlineCameraShop.NL, we are not only super well with security cameras and IP camera, but also with all the popular alarm system brands.

The Director of OCS is in the possession of the TBV and MBV, as well as projecteringsdeskundige fire alarm systems.
We can install and maintain systems and deposit themselves recognized also the issue of deposit certificates.

Maintenance contract
If your customer is by OCS and choose alarm system installation, we offer annual contracts for maintaining and solutions of disturbances.
Entering into a contract is not a free choice, but mandatory if you are going to do business with us, after all, we want to always be sure that our systems function properly.
But during the maintenance we also watch on critical points such as, alterations causing a pir detector no longer fully a room can be monitored.

Shield security
We always say, the burglar must already be detected if he were outside your home State, we call this shield security and customers can provide good advice.
A thief who is outside your House and you already have a message from a burglary, then you can take action on much faster.

Fog generator
For all the high risk buildings we use fog generators, leave a burglar but come in, once he goes the detectors activate the fog generator, which cracks within 5 secondne time no see hand more for eyes.
Then it is only waiting for the Police that the thief from his unpleasant position bevreiden.

Online sales and installation
All alarm systems are laid down in the special category, alarm systems click here!
You can buy online and try to install it, if you cannot then you can always ask to support us.
Do you want to hang out on the bank and see how we work? Also this is possible for very affordable prices, we work throughout Benelux Belgium therefore!

No fake alerts
If we mount an alarm system, then you're at least sure no false positives, we only use top quality sensors and places this in a way where false reports are not possible.
In special cases we use dual pir sensors with radar and pir detection.

Provide vane for false reports, think of a cat who suddenly think to climb in a curtain.
By using intelligent detectors we can make sure that your pet will cause no false positives.

Which panels can we install and maintain?
- Networx
- Galaxy
- Alphavision
- Aritech/Titan
- Ezviz
- Alarmtech
- Chiron
- Elmdene
- Honeywell
- Optex
- Texecom
- Visonic

All via 1 installer
We recommend all via 1 to conclude, this installer to cut costs.
We install all brands in addition to camera systems alarm systems and with us you'll always cheaper than at the competitor, because we offer package discounts.
Many competitors can't handle alarm systems, access control and fire alarm systems, but can only simple plug and play camera systems.

Step further
We go one step further and develop a complete roadmap, including with blocks diagrams and wiring diagrams.

Executive Board
This service is only possible because we are not cowboys are, we are originally craftsmen in heart and kidney and the Director has his entire study completed in electrical engineering with low-voltage installations.
This also means that our Director himself all electrics work can finalize, we do not need help from other companies.
So here is a bill or make for our children's hotel circuit work.

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