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AHD camera analogue High Definition

More introduction on AHD
what is AHD camera?

AHD reaches a resolution of 1 megapixel and 1.3 megapixel. 
AHD has no image loss, no delay and is compatible with a 960H recorder and a AHD DVR. 
It works the same as an analog camera, plug in and it works right away. 
The transmission distance is 500 meters.

The transmission is over the coaxial cable and provides thus for a reliable point to point transmission. 
The upgrade to AHD brings low cost and has a simple installation. 
AHD is sure worth the money. 
The habits of the user are taking into account by the analog system. 
The system has good protection from outside and will not suffer from high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Benefits of AHD are the high video quality, composite video/audio/PTZ signals and two-way data transmission. 
Also the long-distance transmission is automatically compensated. 
Constant signal and display without problems!

Technical highlights:
-HD video format
-Analogue modulation
-Transmission over coaxial cable
-Automatic compensation in long distance transmission
-Composite video/audio/PTZ signal
-Two-way data transmission
- Low cost
- Simple installation
-No image loss
-Protection of the interface 

1. Concept:
AHD is the acronym of Analog High Definition. About High Definition, in short, the physical format of resolutions up to 720p or more are called as high-definition, referred as HD.
Its images of the vertical resolution are up to 1080i, 720p or 1080p.
1080i is refers to the resolution of 1920*1080, which uses interlaced scan, and presents 30 complete pictures per second; 720p is refers to the resolution of 1280*720, which uses progressive scan, and presents 60 complete pictures per second; 1080p is the resolution of 1920*1080, adopts progressive scan, and present 60 complete pictures per second.
But AHD, based on AHD protocol, transmits the progressive-scan HD video by analog coaxial cable.

2. Features:
AHD, just as traditional equipment, is simple and convenient operation.
It can achieve 500m HD lossless transmission by using common 75-3 axis, which breaks the limit of the existing HD video transmission technology and realizes the mega pixel HD video transmission with low cost, long distance, without delay, high efficiency, anti-interference and easy implementation.

3. Field of application:
It follows the approaches and methods of analog SD transmission, which can reduce the complexity of construction deployment and maintenance, cut supplementary costs, as well as technical requirements for construction workers.
It is highly suitable for the upgrading of the old system. HD can easily upgrade SD to HD without changing the original system.
Moreover, the same quality as HD and the same price as SD make AHD own a huge development space both in civil and industrial markets.

4. About SST AHD:
SST AHD HD series products are independently developed and first introduced in security business.
It is a set of HD solution with full intellectual property rights, which integrates AHD HD modules, AHD HD cameras and AHD DVR backend in an organic one.
SST AHD HD series products will be the leader of HD security cameras who is not only an indicator of leading the new trend of the security market, but more in line with the demands and needs of current merchants and users.

5. Development Prospects:
In the turning point from analog monitoring era to digital high-definition monitoring era, in an era full of opportunities and if crisis, SST is taking a leading role and injecting a flow of new vitality to HD market.
We can foresee that AHD is another technical innovation of HD market, and will become a new trend of security market.

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