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AHD recorder 16 connections with 960H/720p playback and extremely beautiful images

AHD recorder 16 connections with 960H/720p playback and extremely beautiful images

Most stripped down but cheapest h.264 ahd dvr recorder

Most stripped down but cheapest h.264 ahd dvr recorder

4-channel dvr recorder for surveillance cameras

This 4-channel dvr recorder, is suitable for analog and ahd surveillance cameras.
Now replace your old cctv recorder for this HD recorder and later buy a AHD camera with us!

€75.00 Excl. BTW
In stock shipping in 24 hours

Features 720/960 p h.264 recorder
-suitable for analog old cctv security cameras
-suitable for AHD security cameras
-sleeps up to 720 p to 960 p AHD cameras
-up to 4 surveillance cameras with bnc connection
-equipped with VGA and HDMI output
-4 x microphone inputs and 1 audio output
-speeddome control RS485 Pelco-D etc
-network connection for cable connection with router
-LAN can also be used as a WI-FI through a WIFI dongle
-h.264 compression for more storage space without quality loss-of course with Hexaplex function more, this is not unique and pretty much standard!
-XMEYE top App for smartphone free download through the app store and completely ad-free!

App information
Download the XMEYE app from the app store and install it.
View the features on offer and experience the ad-free and virus-free app directly also. as you can see, it is also possible to view recorded images via the smartphone app. you will see something unacceptable, start directly with recording and send it directly via mobile phone. In short the XMEYE app is a fine professional app and this super cheap h.264 dvr camera recorder uses!

Use port mapping, or use the p2p cloud technology.
This recorder is suitable for the experienced computer professional, or a do it yourselfer who has no understanding of.
Scan the qrcode via the XMEYE app, username and password and one is ready for live image display.

Standard we do not insert any harddisk at all.
Clients often needs different capacity harddisk, so they can choose which harddisk they like.
When you order a harddisk we will built it in.

CMS software
View live images on a pc/laptop by using the cms software client. Install it on the pc and add the device, by means of the serial number, ip address, or lan/wan. Thus, it is possible to monitor all your companies, via a local point or pc/laptop. Setting, make backups or live view images, anything is possible. Whatever you do the well-known pentaplex operation ensures that the images at all times, regardless of what the user is doing.

WIFI support
You want to connect the recorder to the router but the router is in a location where cable bring just not doing. Then buy a WIFI usb dongle, plug it into the usb socket on the recorder to create a wireless connection to your router, to via the smartphone.

Do you have a microphone connected to cctv for audio recordings? Please use one of the 4 audio inputs, each channel has its own rca RCA connection. Connect a speaker to the rca RCA audio output and listen directly. All 4 connected surveillance cameras can be equipped with a microphone. As soon as one click on one of the 4 images, one can hear directly what is spoken. You can also include a security camera microphone directly. If possible, use an original microphone cable, but do not use rg59 coaxial cable, unless you like to hear a hum. It is also possible to set per channel, or the audio channel also included needs to be, or not.

Analogue and AHD in 1
This h.264 dvr camera recorder is not only suitable for ahd cameras, but also for analog cctv cameras. Is your current old cctv recorder piece? Buy this ahd recorder and take all working security cameras about. When one of you current security cameras piece should go, then you can directly buy a HD 720 p ahd camera, for real HD playback. Whether you directly replace all existing cameras for a ahd camera!

More Information
Brand OEM
Warranty 3 year
AHD recorder connections 4 BNC connections
AHD DVR resolution 960p
AHD DVR Features USB (external HDD), Smartphone ready, RS speeddome connection
Video Output HDMI, VGA
AHD Audio 4x RCA in/1 out
Hybride technology Analogue & AHD
Port forwarding Auto p2p
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