1/2 inch CS mounting 2.0 megapixel lens. Wide viewing angle, 87.2 degree

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Focal length 4-10 mm, Aperture 1/1.6, horizontal field 87.2 °-44.4 °, DC auto iris.

2 Mega pixel high resolution CCTV security camera lens, for box fixed security cameras.
Size 1/2 "and a very wide horizontal field of view of about 87.2 °!

Varifocal lens:
Change of distance and focus of this lens, is quickly and easily done through the 2 levers.

When the telescope handle is used, it is necessary to focus sharp.

Direct Drive Iris:
This lens has no built-in amplifier for the auto iris function (auto iris control print).
Iris leaf is checked, by the DC power supply of a security camera itself.
Assembly is simple, turn the lens on the security camera, use not too much power!

Maintenance and attention:
-when using in an enclosure, hold at least 10 mm distance from the lens, right up to the glass of the enclosure.
-Do not touch the surface of a CCTV lens not to, always use a special schhonmaak cloth!
-Use this lens not in an environment with high temperatures and humidity, or strong vibrations.
2 megapixel HR lens.
A much broader horizontal view angle.
Sharp images for corners and central areas.
Developed by durable material and ROHS certified.
Focal length: 4-10 mm Aperture: F 1.6 format: 1/2 "Iris: Auto Iris
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Warranty3 year
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