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CCTV - Pro Security Camera Integrated Systems

Camera montage en installatie service
Laat uw camera installatie monteren door echte professionals!
Compleet camera set 1000TVL HD 720p
Compleet 4x 1000TVL HD 720p dome videobeveiliging pakket
Camera set 700-1000TVL HD
Tijdelijk gratis Fake-TV bij aankoop camera set!
Gratis sticker camerabewaking
Bestel bij ons een CCTV camera of CCTV systeem en ontvang een gratis sticker!
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    Great product, great...
    We have purchased this product and it has been delivered within 24 hours. We were away for two weeks and it was working every...
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    Just perfect!
    The best service ever! Bought a Great CCTV security camera system with high quality and 5 years warranty that is the most...

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Professional CCTV security camera dealer in Amsterdam
Online Camera Shop sells only "SST", a CCTV brand for small and large businesses.
Our CCTV products are 100% reliable and will not let your clients down, when they need to use their CCTV system.
This is why we standard offer 5 years warranty, on all SST CCTV camera's and CCTV security DVR recorder.

Do not underestimate our power of the best service ever and not only in Holland, but worldwide!
We will never let our clients fall down, when they really need our support, this is our promise.
When we hive a advise to our clients, you can bet that the advise is to be trusted and we won't sell CCTV products, that are not suited for a project.
Our current clients takes care of more clients, this means, we do not have to advertise big time, to find new clients to survive.
Our clients can take advantage of this, because our CCTV products that we sell on our CCTV shop, is really competitive priced, but with a rock solid quality!

If you per accident bought a wrong CCTV system or CCTV camera, it is possible to return this within 14 days.
We will than take care of a creditnote and pay back the amount.
With us you can do good bussiness and grow hard, with installing our CCTV products in the security field.

CCTV is our passion and we like to innovate and study on new technology, so that our clients, will always have the best products in the CCTV market.
Only a professional CCTV company, is able to give the best service, when support is needed!

When you have troubles finding the correct CCTV product or system, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to assist, so that you will have the best solution, for your project!

We also sell robot ptz speeddomes, with explosion free technology and army coloured CCTV camera's.
Even when you have problems, with a very bad CCTV image, which can be caused by magnetic fields.

Even when you have problems, with setting up the internet part, to view your CCTV security camera image, we can help from remote site.
Just make a appointment with us and we will be glad to help you from Amsterdam headquarter.

High discounts for CCTV installer companies!
When you have a installer company, than it's possible to ask us for an special account.
When you than login, you will see that all our CCTV products will have discount, for more that 20%!
Before we can place you in our special accounts, we need to see a proof, that you are really a installer company.
Installers does not buy 1 or 2 CCTV camera's, they buy large and this is why we offer this special account.

CCTV Innovation
Compared to many competitors, we take care of new CCTV systems and we keep tracking new CCTV technology.
This is why we often attend the worldwide fairs, so that we won't walk behind and let other win with the newer technology.
This is also more than handy, for our cliënts, this way we take care of updates, just like the new HDCVI technology.

Not only CCTV
We also sell a lot other products, like HDMI cable, UTP cable and SMA connectors.
This way you won't have to buy CCTV parts from our site, and other CCTV solutions from another shop.

Keep tracking our webshop
Put our site to your favorites, cause we always have new great CCTV systems and powerfull solutions for every project.
When you will visit us a week later, you will find a lot new items, for incredible low and fair prices for our quality with 5 years warranty!

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